Guide a growing generation of coaching clients toward financial freedom.

The Entrepreneur’s Source franchise owners’ number-one priority is to help their clients reach a point of clarity through our experience, education and discovery.

Why do our franchisees love coaching?

The Entrepreneur’s Source franchise opportunity has empowered hundreds of passionate entrepreneurs to use their own experience searching for the perfect business opportunity to help others walking the same path. And the benefits of our business model make it all the more rewarding.

  • Low cost of entry
    ($115K - $126K estimated initial investment)
  • No accounts receivable
  • No staff required
  • No territory barriers
  • Support team at your fingertips
  • Extensive initial & ongoing training
  • Work from anywhere

Americans want to be entrepreneurs. They just need someone to show them how.

3 in 5 Americans are seriously considering owning their own business.

According to a study reported on by The New York Post, around 62% of American non-business owners have ambitions to transition to business ownership.

52% of Americans are currently unhappy at work.

In a recent study reported on by Forbes, the majority of the American workforce is growing ever more restless in their working lives, a fact which will push many to transition into a something more satisfying.

71% of American employees are looking for something else.

The Washington Post reported that a huge percentage of working Americans are “actively looking for new job opportunities” or had the topic on their minds “always, often or sometimes” at work.

Ease their career transition process.

TES franchise owners’ number-one priority is to help their clients reach a point of clarity through our experience, education and discovery of education, awareness and discovery. At TES, we do anything we can to eliminate concerns about career transition so our clients can stay focused on exploring how they can achieve their Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity goals through self-sufficiency.

Learn to be a business owner from
the experts.

90 Day Training Program

Our comprehensive program ensures you’re comfortable and confident with our approach to Career Ownership Coaching®, management and administration.

Peer Performance Groups

We’ll connect you to a group of like-minded franchisees to brainstorm, share stories, tackle challenges and find success together.

Live, Ongoing Virtual Education

A regularly scheduled call with an expert helps keep you and your business on track to achieve the self-sufficiency you’ve been dreaming of. Get on-demand education to enhance your and your business’ performance from the start and throughout your ownership journey.

Why our franchisee coaches love us.

“Thanks to TES, we now have a better work/life balance. This opportunity gave us a chance to do something we always wanted to do; work together as a couple. We went from hardly ever seeing each other, to seeing each other every day. The way the business is set up, we can travel together and still work. Spend time at the lake house, or relax by the beach and make money? We’ve truly got the best of both worlds.”

AMY & JUD HARPER, Entrepreneur’s Source Coaches

“The home-based, flexible nature of being an Entrepreneur’s Source coach was very appealing to me. It’s provided me flexibility that I didn’t have before in the medical field, flexibility that I’d never get from traditional employment. I can’t imagine anything else that would allow me that kind of flexibility.”

JOANNE MAAMRY, Entrepreneur’s Source Coach

“When I worked a corporate job, I would stress out on Sundays over the thought of going back to work on Monday. No more. Sundays are now “Fundays” again. I am no longer a corporate hostage. I set my own schedule. The flexibility is fantastic. I’m basically the captain of my own ship.”

HEIDI SIMOS, Entrepreneur’s Source Coach

“I really enjoy the virtual nature of the TES business model. If I can plug in my phone and my computer, I can operate anywhere. I still travel a lot but now my wife comes with me. Another benefit I’ve noticed is the way I am treated. As an employee, the business market values you less as you get older. As a business consultant, people value the experience you bring. There is no diminishing return.”

MIKE SCHEERER, Entrepreneur’s Source Coach

“TES gave me the opportunity to have it all. I know, it sounds trite, but it’s true. I can work at my own pace, set my own schedule, have the income and lifestyle I desire, and still have plenty of time for my family and friends.”

JUDY STOLESON, Entrepreneur’s Source Coach

“I’ve always enjoyed the freedom that comes with business ownership. I’m someone who makes effective use of my time, and I’m very goal and task-driven. One day, it just dawned on me that I could reinvent myself. It was uncomfortable to realize that my day-to-day would be very different, but I was excited.”

STEVE ROSENKRANTZ, Entrepreneur’s Source Coach

“My job before was similar. My fulfillment has changed. I know everyday I’m making a difference with someone who is underemployed or they’ve lost their purpose, and I’m giving them a kernel of hope.”

JEFFREY CRANE, Entrepreneur’s Source Coach

“The Entrepreneurs Source provides resources and extensive training tools. I appreciate the fact that I have a support system back there negotiating and actively trying to augment our skills to share with clients and franchisors.”

CINDY OSBORN, Entrepreneur’s Source Coach

“There is a saying in franchising, “You are in business for yourself, but you are never by yourself.” Even though I run my own business and decide how to spend my time, I enjoy an incredible amount of support from my fellow franchisees and of course, TES, my franchisor. We are constantly sharing ideas and encouraging each other. There are no politics.”

ANNA BRAMBILLA, Entrepreneur’s Source Coach

“I am an individual contributor for the first time, I have complete control of my schedule. Using skills that were untapped for many years, I now have the ability and the outlet to connect with and talk to people as I guide them to a better future. I have a bucket list of places I want to visit across the globe. The virtual business model I enjoy with TES allows me to spend long stretches of time in other parts of the country and the world. This is something I would never be able to do with a traditional job.”

BRANDON BREATH, Entrepreneur’s Source Coach

“After becoming an alternative career coach with The Entrepreneur’s Source®, I now have unlimited earning potential. I also have freedom. Freedom to run my business as I see fit, work when I want to, and help others in the process.”

CHIP MEYERS, Entrepreneur’s Source Coach

“For the first time in nearly 40 years, I wake up without a feeling of dread that I have to go to work. At first, it was surreal. Now it is exhilarating. I made the right decision. I get out of bed filled with energy and motivation, knowing I have the potential to change people’s lives — just as mine was changed by my TES coach.”

DARREN LEAVITT, Entrepreneur’s Source Coach

“In the corporate world, meetings are a daily, if not hourly, occurrence. It’s a lot of talking without much getting accomplished. Now, with TES, I am still involved in meetings – meetings I schedule and aren’t scheduled for me. These meetings are productive, meaningful, and impactful as the outcome is usually helping a client. My work with TES also allows me time to volunteer and serve on a number of non-profit boards for charities near and dear to my heart.”

TIM TITUS, Entrepreneur’s Source Coach

“My career with TES gave me my life back. It allowed me to be part of my family again. Thanks to TES, I am excited to go to work again, but this time it is on my own terms. I work hard, but they are hours I choose to put in. I am no longer held back by someone else’s idea of when, where and how I work.”

WENDY DALPEZ, Entrepreneur’s Source Coach

We're ranked as a top franchise by our franchisees.

The Entrepreneur’s Source® was recently recognized by Franchise Business Review as a franchisee satisfaction award winner.  On our latest franchisee satisfaction survey, we had a 90.3% participation rate from our franchisees.


Some of the areas where we really stand out:

  • 88% of our franchisees rate TES innovation above average, exceeding other franchise brands in this area by 17%.
  • 84% of our franchisees strongly agree or agree to enjoying being part of the organization.
  • When it comes to our franchise community, 96% of our franchisees agree to feeling supportive of the brand.

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Help others – and yourself – achieve self-sufficiency through business ownership.

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