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With respect and gratitude, The Entrepreneur’s Source® salutes our nation’s veterans. To showcase the positive impact of veterans on the small-business community, we are proud to highlight the accomplishments of one of our team members.

Elis Salamone, a decorated veteran of the U.S. Air Force, helps people explore their options, possibilities, and dreams as a career coach. Before starting her coaching business in 2019, Salamone spent more than 27 years in the military. She joined the U.S. Army directly out of high school for the opportunity to obtain a college education. After her initial discharge, Salamone worked briefly as a nurse practitioner. Long hours and low wages prompted her to enlist in the U.S. Air Force and return to active duty. Salmone spent more than 20 years in the Air Force providing patient care and served two combat tours in Germany and Afghanistan.

Salamone served as clinic director and medical team leader in Afghanistan and was one of the only healthcare providers within a 100-mile radius of the combat zone. She provided care for more than 500 patients and performed 65 trauma and obstetrical procedures with limited resources, directly saving 70 lives and reducing war mortality. She also provided medical services to local Afghan nationals that worked in the camp.

Veteran Discovers New Possibilities

Salamone retired from the military in 2014 as a lieutenant colonel and returned to nursing at Madigan Army Medical Center in Tacoma, Washington. After several different jobs in healthcare, Salamone connected with Susan Scotts, a TES coach. Exploring possibilities helped Salamone realize she wanted to pursue a future as a career coach. Entrepreneurship provided her with work-life balance and stability. Salamone’s son has epilepsy; and sitting at the helm of a home-based business allowed her to provide him with better care.

“I really spent most of my adult life in the military and hadn’t taken time to explore and figure out who I was as a person,” Salamone said. “Business ownership gave me the flexibility and lifestyle I needed.”

As a career coach and small business owner, Salamone helps people find a path forward. Our coaches rely on an education-based coaching system to help people at a crossroads in their careers. She helps her clients reach a point of clarity by creating a safe space for them to explore business ownership through our proven coaching methodology. Salamone helps people determine their Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity™ goals to make a plan for their future.

“The Entrepreneur’s Source coaches provide a service that’s helpful and empowering,” Salamone said.

Veterans Built for Business Ownership

TES is dedicated to helping veterans returning to civilian life discover new possibilities and achieve their own American dream. Veterans like Salamone learn the skills they need to be entrepreneurs during their time in the service. Nearly 337,934 businesses in the United States are run by veterans, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Veteran-owned businesses generate $947.7 billion and employ approximately 3.9 million people.

The franchise business model requires following processes and procedures to succeed, similar to military training. At least 14% of all franchise owners are veterans, according to VetFran. During their time in the service, veterans develop critical thinking, leadership, and management skills, making them ideal candidates for running a profitable business. Leading a business is a natural fit for veterans who aspire to call the shots after spending time taking orders in the service. Having the opportunity to run a business with ample training and support provides veterans with a familiar strategy for success.

Connect with a TES Coach

TES received the honor of being listed as a Trusted Military Business for our dedication to helping veterans explore options. If you are searching for a new path, contact a Career Ownership Coach™ to learn more about entrepreneurship. For more information about TES, visit www.entrepreneur source.com, or check out our guide book, “Your Career 2.0® A Survival Guide for the Battered Career and Investor Syndrome®.”

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