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From Corporate Burnout to Coach of the Year

From Corporate Burnout to Coach of the Year

2019 was the year Dwayne DuBose had enough.  He had enough of being overworked and not feeling appreciated. As a career accountant and General Director, his day to day began to feel mundane, void of excitement and challenge. “I was working countless hours for someone else, yet I didn’t feel like I was adding any value. I felt pigeonholed and burnt out. I wanted more,” DuBose recalls.

What he wanted was to become a business owner. Leaving corporate America behind, DuBose began to consider his options in franchising. “I looked into only a few different areas, mainly car maintenance concepts. All of them required too much liquidity. I had a lot of limiting beliefs about what was available to me back then,” he says.

“When I first heard about The Entrepreneur’s Source (TES) Coaching, it was actually the concept I liked the least to be honest. But it was also the one I kept coming back to. I liked the virtual model and the idea of building a business with a culture of success.”

DuBose continues, “My initial concern with coaching was that I wouldn’t be able to build any long-term relationships, that once I helped a client find a business, they would be off. What I have found though is I have been able to build some incredible working relationships within the network of TES coaches. We meet regularly in peer groups and share best practices. We are all in together.”

A passion for helping others succeed

Since making the decision to help others discover their paths to business ownership as a Career Ownership Coach® with TES, Dubose says, “I have never been happier in my life. I feel appreciated and fulfilled. I love taking care of individuals and helping them succeed.”

Adding, “For me the most enjoyable part of this job is when I get to focus on the client, listening to their story, understand their pains and passions. I want to learn about their ‘why’. I am a dreamer and I get to dream and collaborate with my clients, helping them realize their dreams. I introduce them to concepts they would never have considered on their own.”

With his servant leadership approach, DuBose guides clients through a journey of self-exploration. “I tell my clients it’s not often that we get to stop and invest the time in ourselves. We start our search broad. It’s just as important to determine what you don’t want as it is what you do want. All I ask is for my clients keep an open mind. When job searching, you have to be a good fit for a job, but when searching for a franchise it has to be a good fit for you. For you to be truly successful, it needs to align with your passions, strengths and purpose.”

Client Success

One of DuBose’s favorite client success stories is that of Alana Kirschner. She came into this journey with what she thought was a clear vision of what she wanted; her very own ‘Cheers’. Problem was, there was no comparable bar/hangout concept available, nonetheless Kirschner was stuck on the idea. Dubose took all the things she liked out that concept and began to assess what was available, introducing her to a hair salon concept that greets clients with a cocktail.

“This concept had the same focus on customer service mixed with a cool vibe, just as a bar would, but Alana gave me 101 reasons why she didn’t like it. On our second meeting, she still wasn’t into it but promised to keep an open mind,” recalls DuBose, “Well, around the fifth meeting a light went on and she could finally see it. She then went all in. She now owns 12 hair salons and has fallen in love with this emerging organization. All she had to look past the product and decide if the model matched her vision. Now she is living the dream and has even gotten her family involved.”

Coach of the Year

Client success stories like this are part of what fuel DuBose, who will tell you his #1 motivator in life is helping other people succeed. His continued passion and dedication to his clients’ success was recently recognized by TES, who honored DuBose as 2021’s Coach of the Year.

“I wasn’t expecting to be recognized as coach of the year. In fact, I was rooting for another coach to win. So, to be given this honor was really humbling. It brought tears to my eyes. It felt good to be acknowledge and appreciated,” says DuBose of the award.

When asked about what it is like working with TES, DuBose responds, “Being a Career Ownership Coach® has given me the control over my own destiny. I work with who I want to work with. I am not being shuffled around or sitting in a conference room all day, and no one is getting in the way of my success.”

He goes on to say, “I have such a fun gig. I get to work with cool people who want to control their lifestyle and destiny. This is something a corporate job just can’t give. I get to change the world one client at a time and everyday I get to spend time with the benefactors of my success, my family and friends. It’s wonderful!”

For nearly 40 years, The Entrepreneur’s Source® Career Ownership Coaches® have helped thousands of clients discover their unique path to self-sufficiency. Interesting in become a Career Ownership Coach®? Contact us today at (203) 405-2145 or learn more at TESFranchise.com



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