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Transforming Lives as a Career Ownership Coach™ with The Entrepreneur’s Source®: Jason Harris’ Journey

Today you might find Jason Harris taking his kids to and from school or coaching his kids’ youth sports. This lifestyle was something that seemed out of reach for Jason just a few years ago. “I didn’t even know this kind of flexibility was possible.”


Jason’s journey, like many others, started with uncertainty and the struggle to find a fulfilling career. Right out of college, Jason found it difficult to parlay his aeronautical engineering degree into a career in that industry and found himself working in restaurants to make ends meet. Overtime, due to his determination and work ethic, Jason climbed the ranks and became a multi-unit manager director.


But life threw a curveball when company reorganization led to a new boss, and the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in his unexpected layoff. With a first grader needing help with homeschooling, Jason took some time to focus on his family. However, as the pressures of financial obligations like a growing family, a mortgage and car payments mounted, Jason soon embarked on the daunting task of searching for a job.


“I sent off hundreds of resumes, and that led to only two interviews. It was rough,” Jason recalls.


Then a ray of hope appeared in the form of a coach from The Entrepreneur’s Source® (TES) Coach contacting Jason, asking if he’d ever considered business ownership. The simple coach sparked a revelation: he could be his own boss!


Delving deeper into the concept of entrepreneurship, Jason explored various service industry franchises, including bathroom remodeling and window cleaning. His wife, seeing the transformation in him, encouraged him to pursue a path similar to his coach’s -mentoring and developing people, while aligning with a meaningful mission.


“I didn’t realize business ownership was even possible,” Jason admits, echoing the common misconception many have about franchising. He initially thought it was all about restaurants and that franchisees have little control, with everything skewed in favor of the franchisor.


However, Jason’s perspective shifted when he experienced TES’s Discovery Experience. As a numbers guy, he was astonished by the sheer number of franchise opportunities available. As he looked closer at TES specifically, he was also struck by the high-income potential. “In the corporate world, promotions are slow and pay raises are incremental, all while being dependent of someone else. I could channel that same effort I would in a job into building something for myself,” explains Jason. The real revelation, though for Jason, was the freedom a home-based business offered- a lifestyle he never knew possible as someone who often worked nights and weekends.


As Jason delved deeper into TES, he was impressed by the unwavering support and professionalism of the leadership team. TES’s commitment to creating a conducive coaching environment meant he could focus on what he loved most-helping people transform their lives.


Jason acknowledges there was a learning curve initially after joining TES. Upon completion of Phase 1 training, he had a full calendar and many clients, but he neglected the business development aspect. The Client Engagement Center (CEC) and Innovation Team was there to help Jason get back on track and build up his pipeline. “The CEC has played a pivotal role in business development,” says Jason, “I’m not the most creative person so it helps that the Innovation Team create great graphics and social media spots, allowing me to focus on what’s profitable and what I love – helping people.”


Jason’s excitement for TES extends beyond its offerings. He admires the organization’s mood shot mentality and its responsiveness to feedback. It’s a dynamic environment that is always evolving, ensuring coaches have the best tools to succeed. And one of the most invaluable resources for Jason has been the peer performance groups which has provided him with valuable insights and ideas to continually improve his coaching business.


Reflecting on his journey, Jason shares stories of some of his first placements as a coach. One involved a former colleague who was ready to move on from that industry. This placement validated Jason’s decision to leave his old career behind and reinforced his passion for coaching.


But it wasn’t just about helping others transition to business ownership; it was also about sharing the joy of being part of TES. Once client was so captivated by Jason’s enthusiasm that they wanted to join in the fun.


Jason’s transformation from the corporate world to coaching was marked by a shift in mindset. He learned to stop taking responsibilities for the outcomes of his clients and, instead, walk alongside them, helping them reach their goals. It became about their stories, their motivations, and their aspirations.


When asked if he had advice for those considering business ownership, Jason emphasized the importance of introspection. “Take a look inward and decide what’s important to you,” he advises. “You can’t just look at one opportunity; you have to explore several. Deciding what you don’t want is just as important as what you do what.”


Jason Harris’ journey from aeronautical engineering graduate to a Career Ownership Coach™ with TES is a testament to the transformative power of entrepreneurship and coaching. Through TES, he discovered a path that not only provided financial security but also the flexibility to be present in his family’s life, savoring the precious moments. His story is an inspiration to anyone seeking a fulfilling career and a change to help others achieve their dreams. Join us at The Entrepreneur’s Source® and become a part of a community that’s dedicated to transforming lives, one coach at a time. Your journey towards a fulfilling career and a life of possibilities begins here.


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