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The Entrepreneur’s Source® Culture and Values: Cultivating Success through Collaboration and Empowerment

At the heart of every successful business lies a distinctive culture and set of core values that drive its growth and impact. The Entrepreneur’s Source® (TES) has intentionally cultivated a culture deeply rooted in collaboration, empowerment, and transformation. This has shaped our organization’s DNA and is at the bedrock of our success.


Our mission is to be one of the world leaders in the franchising industry by empowering our clients, organizations, and team members through achievement of their Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity (ILWE), while providing a sound foundation of leadership, innovation, and possibilities. Our values and culture pave the way for this mission.




People are our most valuable assets and are treated with honesty, integrity and appreciation for their diversity and unique abilities. We are rooted in a strong desire to help others and firmly believe we feel most accomplished when we can positively impact others. If we focus on the success of others, we will be successful.

Marissa Frois, TES Chief Executive Officer, emphasizes how important respect is to building TES’s culture. “We participate in personal and professional development workshops to guide our interactions with each other. Teams work better together when everyone is on the same page in terms of how we want to interact and communicate with each other. We look at different styles and build unique ability teams with that in mind. This respect and appreciation for everyone’s unique abilities trickles down to the system.”

Building avenues for enhanced two-way communication has been a focus for TES. The Franchise Business Review’s annual Franchisee Satisfaction Survey has been an important resource for TES. “The survey allows franchisees to really give us feedback. Let us know what they enjoy and what things we can improve upon. We take that feedback and look for ways to put initiatives into play that will address that feedback,” explains Marissa.

In addition to the survey, franchisees have many other outlets to have their voices heard. Peer performance groups, initiative launch teams, quarterly conversations and strategic workshops are other ways franchisees are active participants in helping evolve the TES system. A key component to fostering effective communication is transparency. Marissa says, “Transparency is something we have focused on improving. With the increase of communication, I think coaches appreciate having a clearer vision of the initiatives we are focusing on and problems we are tackling.”




We are fully engaged and focused on our client’s growth and success. By asking questions, listening to their needs, and learning what their goals are while delivering a standard of excellence in fostering their Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity (ILWE)Goals.    We obsess over the client experience, recognizing that our clients are our biggest stakeholders. Every action and decision within TES are scrutinized through the lens of how it can enhance coaching and empower clients on their journey of education, awareness, and discovery.

Tamara Loring, Chief of Brand Ideology for TES, likens their approach to NASA’s mission to put a man on the moon, “They were singularly focused on the mission. We have a similar moonshot mission: Let’s get our coaches coaching and we will help to augment some of the business development activity on behalf of our Franchisees, so they can spend their time coaching more individuals.  Many of our coaches join because they want to make a difference in people’s lives. At the Performance Enhancement Center, we asked ourselves what we can do to get our coaches to spend more time coaching. When everyone is behind that mission amazing things happen.”

Illustrating her point, Tamara says, “Just recently, we created our own call center where we schedule appointments on behalf of our coaches. When our coaches go to expos, we make available marketing kits with everything they need for their booths. We are constantly challenging ourselves in every area.”




We work on the premise that everyone has their own unique abilities and by synergizing those abilities in a team atmosphere we achieve extraordinary results. Together everyone accomplishes more.

 One of its central tenants is the belief that success is a collective journey, a truth firmly enshrined in this collaborative mindset. Unlike the traditional corporate structure that often thrives on competition, TES embraces a culture of inclusivity and support. This culture is evident in the success stories of its franchisees, who genuinely celebrate each other’s achievements, knowing that their individual success is interwoven with the success of the whole.

Tamara Loring, Chief of Brand Ideology for TES, emphasizes the organization’s commitment to values-driven action. “We are vigilant and transparent about our culture,” Tamara says. This vigilance extends to every stage of the team member or franchisee lifecycle, from candidate selection to daily interactions. This approach ensures that every team member is not just aligned with TES’s culture and values but embodies them. The spirit we have here is that a rising tide lifts all ships.”




We are a culture without boundaries providing opportunities of innovation and dreams for others. Our commitment to an entrepreneurial mindset is not just a catchy phrase; it’s a way of operating that extends across the entire ecosystem.

Marissa says, “We tell our team to approach everything with an entrepreneurial mindset. Act as if you are the owner of the company. Make decisions as if you are the owner of the company.  Our founder, Terry Powell, subscribed to the 80 percent rule: try new things, test new things often, and get 80 percent there. Then launch it and see where it takes us.”

This forward-thinking approach has kept TES on the cutting edge. It encourages innovation, pushing boundaries and continuous improvement. When we embrace possibilities, we are more open to adapt and change. This mindset is not just a philosophy; it’s a strategic advantage that keeps TES ahead of the curve.


Transforming Lives, One Success Story at a Time


In the heart of TES’s culture lies a profound commitment to positively impact lives. This commitment is more than a slogan; it’s a guiding principle that drives every interaction, decision, and initiative. The Entrepreneur’s Source® doesn’t just help people discover business opportunities; it empowers them to reclaim their dreams, reimagine their lives and rewrite their success stories.

In an era of constant change, TES stands as a beacon of stability, rooted in its unwavering culture and values. As the organization continues to empower seekers and coaches, it remains true to its core mission: to change lives through education, awareness, and discovery. TES’s culture is not just a set of works; it’s a living, breathing entity that propels individuals toward success and transforms dreams into reality.



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