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The Entrepreneur’s Source: 40 Years of Empowering Dreams

In January of 1984, The Entrepreneur’s Source (TES) embarked on a journey that would redefine the way individuals approached their dreams of financial freedom and independence. As we celebrate our 40th year, we reflect on the remarkable journey of TES, from its unconventional origins to its present-day status as trailblazer in Career Ownership Coaching®. Throughout the ever-changing landscape of entrepreneurship, TES has been a guiding light and beacon of support for dreamers in the pursuit of self-sufficiency.


Origins of TES:


In 1984, Terry Powell, visionary Founder of TES, initiated a revolutionary concept. Working in a business brokerage firm, Terry observed a significant gap in the way people were treated. The prevailing model was focused on ‘qualifying’ individuals based on their immediate readiness to invest, leaving dreamers and seekers behind. He found that 75% of the adult population has a burning desire to be self-sufficient (that is not the same as wanting to being self-employed or in business for themselves), but only about 5% were ready, willing, and able to act on that desire. The other 70% were considered tire kickers and dreamers. Terry, a dreamer himself, decided to break away from the conventional approach.


A Shift in Approach


Terry’s departure from the brokerage firm marked the beginning of a six-month exploration. He engaged with individuals who were stamped as “unqualified” and took the time to understand their motivations. Through this process, he discovered that a substantial portion of the adult population aspired to be self-sufficient but hesitated to be self-employed. This revelation laid the foundation for TES’s unique approach-providing education, awareness, and discovery to those seeking information rather than immediately pushing them to purchase a business.


Evolution into Career Ownership Coaching®


In 1984, Terry established The Entrepreneur’s Source® with a mission to fill the gap in the market. He recognized that traditional business brokers were dismissing dreamers, and TES became a safe space for individuals to explore possibilities without judgement. Terry Powell says, “We were the first company to focus our attention on the 95% of seekers (those with a nagging feeling that there must be a better way). These were individuals who weren’t ready, willing, and able to start a new business but were looking for the education, awareness, and discovery needed to explore what may be possible.” And this vision has remained unwavering since.


The Franchising Leap


To meet the increasing demand, Terry faced a crucial decision – to franchise or not. Despite his love for coaching clients directly, Terry embraced franchising in 1998, ensuring that the unique methodology of TES could reach a broader audience. While Terry was initially reluctant about franchising, time proved it was the right decision. Today the brand fosters a community of over 200 TES coaches throughout North America.


The brand’s impact is not just felt in the lives of the individuals we coach but it is also recognized on a broader scale. Entrepreneur Magazine has released their 2024 Franchise 500 list. This year has been touted as their most competitive list ever. With over 1,389 franchisors, TES made an impressive rise in the rankings, climbing almost one hundred spots over last year to claim a coveted spot in the top half of the list at #209.


TES’s ongoing positive franchise growth, coupled with being in the top 10% for both franchisee support and financial strength, and top 20% for brand strength, all contributed to TES’s standout performance in the ranking. Marrissa Frois, CEO at TES, attributes this success to “being a client-centric organization, constantly elevating what it means to empower those seeking self-sufficiency.”


TES’s Uniqueness and Differentiation in the Industry


As TES enters its 40th year, it continues to redefine what it means to be a client-centric organization. Marissa emphasizes the combination of the unique education-first coaching methodology and innovative technology infrastructure. “This will enable TES to assist more clients than ever before. Our commitment to education accessibility expands in 2024, reaching underserved communities with tailored courses, seminars, live events, and 1:1 coaching sessions.”  In addition, TES is also strengthening strategic partnerships, government alliances, and non-profit collaborations, reinforcing its position as a catalyst for change.


TES differentiates itself by being the original Career Ownership Coaching ® organization. Its methodology, centered on delivering an exceptional education, awareness, and discovery experience, stands out in the market. TES fosters meaningful connections through genuine, empathetic human interactions, ensuring clients feel supported and understood.


Exciting Opportunities for Franchisees


For current and potential franchisees, the time has never been better to escape corporate oversight and become an independent business owner. Career Ownership Coaches ® enjoy the flexibility to work from anywhere, fostering meaningful relationships both locally and globally. TES’s year-over year growth, commitment to community support, and recognition in various categories make it an exciting venture for aspiring entrepreneurs.


For those with a passion for helping others succeed and an entrepreneurial spirit, TES offers an unparalleled opportunity to become a franchisee. Click here to learn more about The Entrepreneur’s Source and how you can be a part of a brand that not only ranks #1 in its category but is a testament to the strength and resilience of franchising.




In 2024, TES stands on a legacy of innovation, celebrating 40 years of transforming dreams into reality. As we continue to empower individuals to be self-sufficient and find vehicles to support their Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity goals, we invite you to a part of the journey, where the pursuit of dreams knows no bounds. Here is to 40 years of success, and to many more of guiding seekers toward a future of limitless possibilities.

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