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From Corporate Executive to Career Ownership Coach®: Craig Anderson’s Transformation with The Entrepreneur’s Source®

After over three decades in the oil and gas industry, Craig Anderson began to sense what he describes as “corporate exhaustion”. The misalignment of personal and professional goals, coupled with changes in leadership, led the corporate executive to seek change. This sent him on a path that eventually led him to business ownership with The Entrepreneur’s Source®. As a Career Ownership Coach®, Craig not only reshaped his professional trajectory but also provided himself with a sense of purpose and flexibility that had eroded in the corporate world as he advanced in his career.


With company restructuring and increasing lack of strategic direction commonplace in the corporate world, Craig found himself weary when the latest round of initiatives hit his organization and made the decision to accept an early retirement package. However, Craig, too young to fully retire, began to explore alternative avenues for personal and professional growth.


Teaming up with a friend in a similar situation, the pair considered going into business together. However, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted their plans to acquire an existing business. Ultimately putting their friendship first, they eventually decided to part ways professionally. It was during this uncertain period that Mike, a Career Ownership Coach® with The Entrepreneur’s Source® discovered Craig’s resume online and reached out to him.


The Discovery Experience


Not one to usually take unsolicited calls, Craig found himself intrigued by the possibilities Mike presented. As Craig embarked on his The Entrepreneur’s Source® Discovery Experience, he began to explore various franchise offerings. From tree trimming services to sales training and coaching, each option was carefully evaluated against his criteria of return on investment and lifestyle flexibility. “I learned that deciding what you don’t want is just as important as deciding what you do want,” says Craig.


Through his exploration, Craig found himself continually drawn back to the The Entrepreneur’s Source® offering. The coaching aspect resonated with him, aligning with his skills and experience. What set The Entrepreneur’s Source® apart for Craig was not just the business model but the emphasis on meaningful connections. Unlike other mentoring and coaching businesses, he considered, The Entrepreneur’s Source® offered unparalleled support and marketing tools, sparing him the need for constant lead generation activities and other tasks that would take him away from focusing on his clients.


Overcoming Fears and Shifting Mindsets


However, Craig had to overcome his fears before fully committing to a business that was commission based. Validating his concerns during the process, he found reassurance in the confidence of The Entrepreneur’s Source® coaches. “I was ready for something different but that would require something different from me. Validation calls with current coaches and how they overcame the same fears I had, helped me believe that I could do it as well,” explains Craig, “I wanted to do something that would be a rewarding use of my time and I knew that The Entrepreneur’s Source® could help me do that.”


The initial stages of becoming a The Entrepreneur’s Source® coach were not without a learning curve for Craig.  Because of his metric driven corporate background, he found himself resisting the established system. However, he quickly learned its importance. Success, he discovered, was not linear and lay in asking good questions and allowing clients to find their own way, with him offering guidance. This shift from a directive approach to one focused on the journey rather than the destination marked a fundamental change in his coaching methodology.


Fulfillment and Flexibility as an Entrepreneur’s Source® Coach:


“I had to learn to not let the metrics drive my thinking. It’s not about my outcome; it’s about the journey for the client and helping them reach a point of clarity.  Success is defined by the client – encouraging them to avoid decisions based on what they think vs. what they discover through learning is key.” The ability to connect with clients on a deeper level has been one of the most rewarding aspects of his coaching journey, a stark contrast to the challenges of managing a large team in his previous role as a Vice President – General Manager.


As a business owner with The Entrepreneur’s Source®, Craig gained a level of flexibility to create an environment of mutual accountability in a personal connection. No longer bound by extensive travel, he can be more present in the lives of those around him and in the causes that are important to him. Whether an occasional round of client golf, being there for friends and family during life events or participating on nonprofit boards in his community, the newfound flexibility brought a sense of balance, fulfillment, and spiritual growth.


Advice and Peer Support


Reflecting on his journey, Craig offers valuable advice to those considering business ownership with The Entrepreneur’s Source®.  “You must keep in mind that coaching is not a linear process. You must detach from the outcome. If you come from a sales background, it’s possible you will feel like you are failing at times. You must change your mindset as to what success looks like. It’s not always about controlling your numbers. “


The peer support within the The Entrepreneur’s Source® community has been instrumental for Craig finding that shift in mindset. Sharing experiences and advice with fellow coaches has created a supportive network, proving invaluable to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship. With The Entrepreneur’s Source®, coaches are in business for themselves but not by themselves. They are surrounded by a network of peers, who are experiencing the same things, as well as a support system team that comes with joining a strong brand.


Final Thoughts


With the resources and support available to him with The Entrepreneur’s Source®, Craig has been able explore ways to share what business ownership has done for his life, focusing his energy on building his business rather than his pipeline. One example of this is his recent appearance on a podcast hosted by The Entrepreneur’s Source® with husband-wife client team he guided on their own journey to business ownership and escaping the corporate world. This included adapting a Portfolio Mindset™ approach to their career strategy. One of the things Craig has come to realize as a coach is that sharing his story with others can build connections. “Clients want to hear about your experience because they often are feeling the same thing, and often they are surprised when I tell them I am a franchisee as well”. They want more control to achieve self-sufficiency for themselves like just I did.”


Craig’s journey with The Entrepreneur’s Source® serves as an inspiring testament to the transformative power of embracing change and choosing a path aligned with one’s values and aspirations. Aspiring entrepreneurs, take note – the rewarding journey of becoming an Entrepreneur’s Source® coach might just be the catalyst for your own professional and personal evolution. Start today!



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