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Cindy Ecleberry: Transforming Lives as a Career Ownership Coach™ with The Entrepreneur’s Source®

Have you ever felt like you’re at a crossroads in your career, wondering how to achieve your income, lifestyle, wealth, and equity goals (ILWE ®)? Many people find themselves in this position, seeking guidance and support to explore new opportunities. Enter Cindy Ecleberry, a Career Ownership Coach at the Entrepreneur’s Source® (TES), who has made it her mission to help individuals transform their lives by helping them see themselves in new roles.


Diversified Experience


Cindy Ecleberry is no stranger to change and transformation. With a resume that spans different industries and roles, she embodies that spirit of adaptability and learning. Initially pursuing a career in social work after college, Cindy was driven by an idealistic desire to make a difference in the world. After seven years in this demanding field, she found herself burnt out, leading her to take her desire to help people into the corporate world.


Throughout her career, Cindy lent her expertise to various positions, including roles as a buyer and store opening team member for a large retail corporation, a stockbroker, a training specialist for a software company, handling the books for the holding of a commercial real estate firm, and leading the training and corporate events department of an organization. Her diverse experience equipped her with a broad skillset, setting the stage for her future role as a Career Ownership Coach.


A Turning Point in 2020


The year 2020 marked a significant turning point in Cindy’s career. She was organizing corporate events at the time when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Events, her bread and butter, came to a standstill and Cindy was laid off.


“I was 63 at the time, and not many companies were looking to hire someone of my age. I had a hard time even getting an interview, let alone a job offer,” Cindy recalls. Ageism in corporate is an obstacle many seasoned workers face, and Cindy was no different.


It was during this challenging time that Darren Leavitt, a Career Ownership Coach with The Entrepreneur’s Source, discovered Cindy’s resume online and reached out to her. With Darren’s invitation to explore business ownership, Cindy saw an opportunity for a new beginning and was intrigued by TES’s approach to helping individuals improve their lives.


Joining The Entrepreneur’s Source®


After exploring various options in different industries with her coach, Cindy found The Entrepreneur’s Source® to be the most compelling to her and what she wanted from this chapter of her career. Drawn to the idea of working with individual people and helping them break free from limiting situations to improve their lives, Cindy made the decision to go into business for herself with TES.


Since joining TES, Cindy has been helping clients do just that; improve their lives.  Cindy relates a story about a client whom she recently found a placement for. “He was very accomplished, and we shared a lot of the same values. I found that we really connected as human beings. At the time he was going through a real rough patch. He had lost his job in academia, had survived a bout of cancer, and was going through the daunting process of mold remediation in his home. Being in his 60’s and trying to start over was something I could really relate to. I was very determined to help him find a business that was a good fit, one that he would enjoy doing while building wealth. We accomplished that! Helping someone change their life is tremendously rewarding.”



Overcoming Challenges with TES Support


Cindy’s first year as a Career Ownership Coach was not without its challenges. She recalls experiencing moments of fear and imposter syndrome before getting a handle on the system. “Once I learned to not be so salesy and leaned into the system, I found my stride,” says Cindy.


“The peer support groups have been an invaluable resource to me. Learning from the seasoned coaches as well as having a group of peers who are dealing with the same things as I am has helped me not feel alone. We make each other better,” she explains.


Cindy also praises the technology and support she receives from The Entrepreneur’s Source®. “TES is continually looking for new ways to help coaches grow their businesses, making it easier for me to put my focus on the aspects of my business that I enjoy most. For me that is talking with my clients and engaging with my social media audience.  Recently, I was interviewed on a podcast. These are all things I can spend more time on rather than worrying about my pipeline.”


Words of Wisdom


For those considering business ownership, Cindy offers some valuable advice: “Do your homework. Don’t just allow a business to tell them about themselves, do your own due diligence. Also, listen to your coach. Make sure you are making the right decision for yourself- it needs to be something you enjoy and are excited about. Understand your ‘why’ and the type of lifestyle you desire; success will follow.”



The Joy of Career Ownership


Cindy concludes, “I am so happy with my decision to join TES, I have the lifestyle I want, working from home and having the ability to be mobile. I can visit my grandchildren in Florida whenever I want, spending quality time with them. I never had this type of freedom and flexibility in the corporate world.”


Are you ready to transform lives, including your own, by becoming a Career Ownership Coach with The Entrepreneur’s Source®? Join a network of dedicated individuals like Cindy Ecleberry and help others find their path to success, happiness, and fulfillment. Embrace the opportunity to make a real impact, one coaching session at a time.  Contact us today.


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