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Honored to be Top Home-Based Franchise

TES Earns Top Home-Based Franchise Accolade

The Entrepreneur’s Source®, the nation’s leading career coaching franchise, earned a coveted spot on Entrepreneur magazine’s annual list of 2022 Top Home-Based Franchises.

If you’re searching for freedom and flexibility, home-based business ownership can help you achieve the American dream. Many seasoned corporate executives are feeling battered and bruised in their current roles. They’re tired of sitting in rush hour traffic, logging air miles, and racking up hotel points on business trips. They want to find a career with flexibility to foster work-life balance and financial security. Business ownership helps people achieve financial freedom and self-sufficiency. By cutting ties with the office, retail space, or warehouse, a home-based or mobile business assures flexibility and career satisfaction.

To compile its list of winning home-based franchises, Entrepreneur magazine ranks home-based franchises based on how they scored in the 2022 Franchise 500 evaluation. The annual review analyzes companies based on 150-plus data points, including costs, fees, size, and growth potential. TES joins other home-based businesses, including MaidPro, Tutor Doctor, and Patrice & Associates, in Entrepreneur’s 2022 ranking.

“The Entrepreneur’s Source is honored to be named a 2022 Top Home-Based Franchise by Entrepreneur magazine once again,” said Terry Powell, visionary founder of TES. “As a Career Ownership Coach™, our franchise owners focus on creating possibilities for Americans at a crossroads in their careers. Coaches have the flexibility to work at home and set their own schedules while making meaningful contributions to help others.”

Benefits of Career Ownership Coaching
TES coaches have excellent earnings potential and can work from anywhere. All they need to get started is a comfortable chair and a strong internet connection. Business coaching is an $11.2 billion industry, and TES offers the digital tools to help its coaches manage client relationships and tackle day-to-day tasks. We provide extensive ongoing support and training combined with high profits.

The average annual income for a TES coach exceeds $111,000, with the potential to earn more. After spending a career managing a team, operating a home-based business without employees or inventory is a welcome relief. Our coaches work at their own pace, giving them the freedom to book vacations and the time to delve into new hobbies.

“Getting involved in a business that allowed me to control my own schedule and do something on my own after years of having so many people report to me was ideal,” said Doug Stahl, a Career Ownership Coach™ with TES. “The TES model fits me like a glove.”

Advantages of Home-Based Business Model

Franchising gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to own a business with a proven track record, support, and training. There are a wide variety of brands in the franchise arena. Budding entrepreneurs can choose to invest in a number of business models, including a large footprint retail store, a busy foodservice establishment, or a popular home services business. The franchise world offers businesses investments as low as $10,000 that can be run from a home office, up to $12 million, high-traffic opportunities.

The outbreak of the pandemic shuttered offices across the country and gave many Americans a taste of working remotely for the first time. Teleworking can reduce stress by providing people with the ability to attain flexible schedules. Brick-and-mortar locations can serve as hubs of their community, but home-based franchises allow parents to put family first to discover career satisfaction. Home-based business ownership provides a great entry into the world of entrepreneurship.

Low Overhead. Home-based franchises are affordable. Brick-and-mortar storefronts give business owners the ability to increase foot traffic, but it comes at a cost.

Flexibility. Home-based franchises allow franchise owners to set their own schedules and embrace unlimited earnings potential. Untethering themselves from a corporate desk job can add more hours to the day to help balance home and work responsibilities. Home-based franchises also enable harried parents to cope with unpredictable school schedules and other childcare commitments.

Improve Productivity. Wasting time in rush hour traffic and hobnobbing with co-workers around the water cooler can reduce productivity. Full-time workers in the nation’s 10 largest cities spend an average of one hour per day on their commute, a study by Lending Tree revealed. Ditching the commute could save people an average of $5,679 per year. Working from home helps limit distractions and increases efficiency.

Working from home is an adjustment. Home-based business owners need to develop routines to limit distractions and improve focus. Many people make it a priority to take mental and physical breaks during the day. Setting boundaries to prevent the line between work and personal time from blurring is key.

Discover If Entrepreneurship is Right for You
If you are ready to achieve the American dream by operating a home-based business, contact a Career Ownership Coach™ to learn more about entrepreneurship. For more information about TES, visit www.entrepreneurssource.com, or check out our guide book, “Your Career 2.0® A Survival Guide for the Battered Career and Investor Syndrome®.”



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