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The Entrepreneur’s Source® Recipe for Success: Training and Support

The Entrepreneur’s Source® (TES) is committed to helping its franchisees achieve new levels of self-sufficiency and career satisfaction. While a Career Ownership Coach™ is in business for themselves, they are never alone. They have a proven system, combined with the training and support of an industry leading brand behind them. For close to 40 years, this has been a recipe for success for business owners who have chosen to be a TES franchisee.

“All successful coaches have two things in common, a strong desire to help people and they honor and respect the TES mission, values and our system,” Tamara Loring, Brand Ideology for TES says, “One might think since TES is not a brick and mortar concept and overhead is low, ‘How sophisticated can the system really be?’ Once you see our technology platforms, combined with our well-thought-out methodology, tools and resources, you realize just how dynamic and robust it is. Our operations manual for instance is really a living and breathing document that our franchisees not only refer to when they are new, but has become the “go-to” resource for all coaches for all things business related. Whether a coach is looking to fine-tune their coaching skills, or implement a new to them business development strategy, everything is documented and easy to access.”

Introduction to the systems and foundational knowledge begins right away after joining TES. Onboarding starts immediately with 30-days of self-paced modules designed to give coaches all the tools and foundational knowledge needed to start building their business.

New coaches also attend a full week of intensive training at the home office in Southbury, CT., followed by two weeks of virtual training, several months later, which is designed to fit around their ever increasingly busy coaching schedule. Kevin Stewart, Curriculum and Solutions Catalyst says, “Training is hands on. Right from the beginning we have coaches start developing their business, making phone calls, and reaching out to potential clients. The intent is to make sure our coaches are ready to hit the ground running immediately. That means jumping in there and figuring out what they do not know and helping them apply what they learn to different scenarios. Then the fine-tuning can begin.”

As Loring puts it, “Training, education and learning at The Entrepreneur’s Source is not just about the training events, like our Phase 1 and Phase 2, it is ongoing. Our culture is one of continuous improvement and growth. There are many opportunities and resources to learn and hone your coaching craft as well as build your business.” TES Coaches agree, as one says, “TES has put great thought into what makes its coaches successful and offers enormous amounts of support and assistance to help them achieve their goals.”

In addition to the initial 90-day training program, new coaches find they are not just left on their own to find their way. Paired with a franchise business coach, they are taught to identify key performance indicators and how to develop successful habits in weekly calls. Coaches also belong to peer performance groups, which consist of 5-10 coaches and two facilitators. These weekly group learning sessions give coaches the opportunity to leverage the power of the network, where they discuss and share, as well as support and encourage each other.

Monthly companywide calls, and the annual conference each fall, foster an even larger sense of community. The conference feels like a family reunion of sorts. It is a chance for the entire company to meet, interact with each other and the franchisor community, bond, celebrate and learn together.  It is truly a team effort helping our coaches build self-sufficiency along with career satisfaction. As one coach says, “You should be confident that there is an entire support team behind your business to ensure your success.”

In addition to a dedicated franchise business coach and a community of peers, coaches have access to a wide variety of learning options, designed to enhance their business’ performance at every stage of the ownership journey. With something for every learning style, learning opportunities range from weekly franchisor spotlight calls, pop-up training for innovative technology or practices, topic focused training, classes, seminars, motivational talks, and operations manual tutorials. Much of these learning options are available on TES’ 24-hour virtual learning system, so coaches access the knowledge they need, whenever they need it on their own schedule.

All the support and training create a recipe and pathway for Career Ownership Coaches™ to get their businesses up and successful much sooner, reaching true career satisfaction.  This coach agrees, “I would say that TES provides a tremendous system to follow.  They provide useful, impactful, and meaningful resources and tools to make your business successful and efficient.  The support and level of caring is off the charts.”

For close to 40 years, TES has been helping their coaches reach career satisfaction through self-sufficiency. Loring says, “When new franchisees join us they expect that they will grow professionally, what often takes them by surprise is the personal growth that they experience.” TES Career Ownership Coaches™ make a difference in people’s lives everyday by helping their clients reach a point of clarity in their pursuit of achieving their dreams of self-sufficiency. TES Career Ownership Coaches™ do not do this alone though; they do this with the support and proven system of a franchise brand dedicated to helping them use the TES Model as a vehicle to achieve their own Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity goals.


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