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IFA Franchisee of the Year – Brandon Breath

Meet Brandon Breath:

Career Ownership Coach | Small Business Owner | Changing Lives by Showing YOU what IS Possible | 2022 Coach of the Year & IFA Franchisee of the Year.

In the current economic environment, many people are in the midst of, or thinking about, career change. For some, self-sufficiency may be the best alternative.

As a Career Ownership Coach, I help people realize their dreams of self-sufficiency in a safe environment. Through a process of education, awareness, and discovery, I help my clients clarify their personal income, lifestyle, wealth, and equity goals and evaluate their options. With a relationship of trust and in a safe space, I coach my clients to understand what motivates them and to evaluate what is really important to them. I facilitate transformation in my Clients by asking questions and thus helping them gain clarity. Further, I help my clients stay on track while thinking outside of their comfort zone so that they can reach new goals and horizons.

More from Brandon Breath:

group shot with Brandon BreathSure, well, I’ve been with The Entrepreneur’s source for almost four years. Before that, I had 25 years in traditional big-box retail. I’m based out in New Orleans. I’ve always kind of operated in the southeastern part of the United States. I made that move from retail into more traditional corporate American healthcare. And I was there for about three and a half years, beating my head against the wall every single day because it was absolute misery. And there was a moment in time that I distinctly remember when my phone rang, and it was someone from The Entrepreneurs Source saying, Hey, do you want to have a conversation, explore something different? I’m like, absolutely. I went on the journey and went through discovery. It was Marissa’s presentation on what she was doing around marketing and how she was taking the company to kind of new direction. And I thought she really knows what she was doing and was just so dynamic. Getting to spend more time with Marissa and getting to know her better and watching her rise within TES has been really gratifying.

the ifa foundation imageIt was pretty humbling to be recognized as one of the IFA’s Franchisee OF THE YEAR recipients. I was recognized by my peers at our conference late last year. And then to turn around and have that recognition elevated to a national level, it does feel very special. The way that you all even put together the nomination by using quotes from other coaches about me and some of your comments about me, made it very special, it just feels fantastic. I really believe in what we do and the validation of being recognized for doing it is terrific.


IFA Recognizes 97 individuals for being outstanding owner-operators, exemplifying excellence in franchising and service to others

LAS VEGAS, March 1, 2023 – The International Franchise Association (IFA) today recognized 97 individuals with its Franchisee of the Year Award, representing IFA member brands across all industries from communities around the country. The annual Franchisee of the Year award recognizes outstanding franchise establishment owner-operators, honored at the 63rd IFA Annual Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Franchisee of the Year recipients represent the best in franchising,” said Matthew Haller, president and CEO of the International Franchise Association. “This is the highest honor IFA awards to individual franchisees, and these local business owners exemplify the power of franchising and its countless positive contributions to communities around the world.”

The Franchisee of the Year Award, sponsored by IFA’s partner Paychex, recognizes leading franchise owners from IFA member brands whose outstanding performance and contributions help protect, enhance, and promote the franchise business model. Nominated by their parent company, individuals are selected for their service to their communities, fostering a strong and vibrant workforce, opening the doors for career growth and entrepreneurship, and supporting their fellow franchisees.

There are approximately 800,000 franchised businesses across the U.S., providing over 8.4 million direct jobs and generating over $800 billion in economic output. According to Oxford Economics, franchising on average provides higher wages and better benefits than non-franchised businesses, as well as greater entrepreneurial opportunities to minorities, women, veterans, and other underrepresented communities.

The full list of recipients:

Winner’s Full Name(s) Winner’s Company Name
Brandon Breath The Entrepreneur’s Source


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I want to say “Thank You” to Matthew Haller at the IFA for celebrating our very own Brandon Breath  #IFA @Franchising411 #Franchisee #Award #LasVegas

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