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World Red Cross & Red Crescent Day Tribute to TES Coach Dan Prendergast

Dan PrendergastThe Entrepreneur’s Source® Salutes All Those Who Give Back – From Major National Organizations, like the Red Cross, to Passionate Individuals, like Dan Prendergast and other TES Coaches

Funny how we usually only think of the Red Cross in emergencies of vast proportion: wars, natural disasters, sweeping health crisis. But when you boil it all down, it’s people helping people, where they are, sometimes one on one, no matter what. That’s why we all celebrate World Red Cross/Red Crescent Day each year on May 8th – the birthday of Red Cross founder, Henry Dunant.

The celebration is about recognizing what those bold, fiery red symbols have represented for 150 years: the bravery, sacrifice, and willingness of 17 million volunteers to be “…everywhere for everyone.”   It’s a day to honor honest humanitarian efforts that elevate people and cultures nationwide.

Dan Prendergast, a North-Carolina based alternative career coach with The Entrepreneur’s Source®, the nation’s leading franchise coaching network, believes in that Red Cross “…everywhere for everyone” mission statement.   In fact, he details exactly how he’s able to honor that mission statement in this “a day-in-the-life” video that showcases how he’s integrated his community-driven and people-focused mentality into what he does as a career coach.

While he can’t be everywhere for everyone as just one man, Dan says he IS willing to share with the people around him – giving back to his community by volunteering his time and talents.

“‘Servant Leadership’ is the term I use to describe what I do in the community. After all I have been given, why should I NOT share with people who may benefit from my story,” said Dan, as he sat down for an interview on a breezy front porch last week.

Dan’s story is like many other successful businessmen (in fact, he and Richmond-based The Entrepreneur’s Source® coach Gus Iurillo were both tired of corporate America and searching for new options). He was one of the top managers on the US domestic side for a well-known international hotel industry leader. For 23 years, he helped manage properties and lead people to great success and personal recognition. But the relocations, 14 all told during those years, were taking a toll on him and his family.

“When I came home to tell my wife we were going to be moving again, she looked straight at me and said, ‘Enjoy your new town, but the kids and I are staying here!’ I thought she might be kidding, but also thought it was time to look for something else!”

Dan didn’t really have a clue about what he would do, but he did know he was ready to be his own boss. Through a friend, he talked with a coach from The Entrepreneur’s Source®. They discussed how he could own his own business, work the hours he desired, and have more control over his I.L.W.E,( income, life, wealth and equity) through TES, working as a Franchise Coach.

He signed on in January 2008, just as the U.S. economy started to crater. His family and friends thought he was nuts, but to Dan, it was perfect timing: thousands of people would be in job transition, and he would help coach and guide their path to their next career. He’s been successfully doing that for the last 8 years.

But Dan also took on another mission-volunteering his time, experiences, and expertise to many different church, civic, and military groups helping professionals find jobs. Sometimes the help he offers is strategic: helping re-structure a resume, or providing new career direction counseling. Other times, it can be emotional help.

“I know, first-hand, the toll a search like this can have on a job-seeker”, says Prendergast. “For older candidates, that transition can take 1-3 years. That’s why I try to connect them as quickly as possible with recruiters and employers I have worked with over the years, even it means no tangible benefit to me. That’s not what this work is for.”

Dan admits his good deeds do come back to him, sometimes, with client referrals and new business. But the real reward is something even more real, and deeper.

“It’s right here,” he says patting his heart. “There’s just no better feeling than knowing you helped somebody get back on their feet, and into the game, with a whole new perspective. I’m grateful to THEM for allowing me to have that feeling!”

Are you ready to turn your desire to help others into a viable and flexible business ownership opportunity like Dan and hundreds of other Entrepreneur’s Source coaches?   If so, please fill out a form here and one of our Franchise Developers will reach out to you soon!

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