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TES Coach JoAnne Maamry: “My Life Experiences Help Me Successfully Connect with Clients”

JoAnne Maamry19th Century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “That which doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.” JoAnne Maamry has lived those words, many times over, enough for two or three lifetimes, in fact. It’s the strength she has found through tragedy, which has allowed her to become a very effective alternative career coach for The Entrepreneur’s Source, the nation’s leading franchise coaching network.

“I truly believe the success I have had as a coach for The Entrepreneur’s Source is absolutely due to my intuitive ability to build relationships with people desperate for help in their career transition. Every one of my life’s experiences helps me do that.”

Some of those life experiences have been merely challenging. Others left her searching for answers, utterly devastated.

JoAnne got her BS in Nursing, graduating Summa Cum Laude, in the early ‘80’s. But her marriage had fallen apart, and she was a single mom, raising her son, Justin.

After acquiring her masters in Community Mental Health/Psychiatric Nursing and Administration, she started a rapid ascent in healthcare management. By 2005, she became President/CEO of what eventually would become the largest, inpatient provider of child/adolescent psychiatric care in the U.S., in Louisville, Ky. In that role, she helped grow the facility to the point she was responsible for more than 600 employees, 30 clinical department heads, and a budget of $56 million. Her office walls were filled with awards attesting to her leadership.

It should have been a time of great professional satisfaction for JoAnne, but it was also one of the most personally painful times. She had re-married in 1996 to Eddie Maamry, a hotel/restaurant executive she had met on a cruise two years prior. In 1999, they had a son, Jalil. What should have been a time of celebration, turned to deep concern. Jalil stayed in the neo-natal intensive care unit for 6 weeks, with serious birth defects.

“He was such a fighter, and overcame so much. Many doubted he would ever leave the unit, but he did. Jalil was such a joy from the moment I held him, but he died unexpectedly while undergoing a heart catheter procedure. He was just 16 months old. “

Eddie and Joanne desperately wanted another child, and were stunned to discover Joanne was expecting twins in 2006. They even named their boy and girl before they were born: Esah, and Ameerah.  Tragically, Esah, died before he could be delivered. Their daughter, Ameerah, survived.

While dealing with these losses, JoAnne was also fighting for her professional life. Under her management, the hospital had gone from just barely keeping the doors open, to becoming a powerful, regional resource for children with emotional needs and their parents. But JoAnne’s position was hardly secure due to forces beyond her control.

“Suddenly, after 18 years, 14 bosses, and three mergers, my time was up. I was out, with no real clue what I would do next. I had a non-compete, couldn’t re-locate with a baby at home, and other family concerns. To say things were a bit challenging is an understatement!”

It was at this time a coach from The Entrepreneur’s Source found her resume on-line, and contacted her.

“He asked me if I had ever thought of owning my own business, and told me a little about TES’ ‘no cost, no obligation,’ in-depth process to see if I would be a fit for becoming self-sufficient. After listening to him, I thought, ‘I’m in no position to pass this up!,” so in 2010, I jumped in.”

As the TES coach took her through the company’s educational and discovery process, JoAnne found herself becoming more and more intrigued with becoming a coach herself for The Entrepreneur’s Source. She enjoyed studying different business models, believed her corporate skill sets would be a plus, and she wouldn’t have to worry about age discrimination. She also connected so well with people. Another lure: being able to spend more time with her parents, Eddie, and daughter Ameerah, who was now nearly 4. Her former job had been just too all consuming, and she knew she had missed out on so much.

“At the end of the process, the TES coach had matched me with 4 business ownership opportunities, including having my own TES franchise. After carefully exploring all four opportunities, I knew becoming a coach for The Entrepreneur’s Source was the best fit for me.”

Today, JoAnne’s work is so much more fulfilling than she could have ever imagined, and she has been recognized for her success. But she believes that success is the by-product of just wanting to help people, where they are, every day.

“I DO understand the pain of transition for ‘corporate refugees,’ because I, too, had been ‘down-sized, right-sized and capsized.’ But I can also connect with the ‘Wounded Warriors’ from our armed services looking to find their new, civilian mission, moms looking for more flexible schedules, or retirees who want to keep working. I am helping them take their next step to a more fulfilling alternative career, while also providing them the emotional strength to be successful, not only in that new career, but also in life.

JoAnne realizes being a coach for The Entrepreneur’s Source has benefitted her, personally, as well, on many different levels. Her quality of life is so much better, for one thing. She can spend more time with her parents, who live with her and Eddie, plus her son, Justin, his wife Lisa, and her granddaughter, live close by.

And there’s more time to be actively involved with Ameerah’s activities.

“It’s hard to believe she’s 11 now,” says JoAnne. “I love having the opportunity just to watch her play soccer or sing. I never could have imagined, in my darkest moments, I would ever feel such happiness again.”

If you have a desire to help others attain their dreams, while building your own income, lifestyle, wealth, and equity, as a career coach with The Entrepreneur’s Source®, this just might be the step you need to take. Get started now by requesting more information here.

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