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Coach Success Stories

Coach Success Story: Mike Scheerer

TES Coach Success Story Mike Scheerer

Career Challenges

I’ve worked in a corporate structure, on a turnaround, and even a startup in my previous work life. I spent long hours at the office and traveled all over the world for the sake of business. Don’t get me wrong. I loved my job. However, on one overseas business trip, my son spoke to me on the phone and said, “Dad, I can’t remember what you look like.” That’s when I knew I needed to better manage my family time and make a change.

As a TES Franchisee

I really enjoy the virtual nature of the TES business model. If I can plug in my phone and my computer, I can operate anywhere. I still travel a lot but now my wife comes with me. Another benefit I’ve noticed is the way I am treated. As an employee, the business market values you less as you get older. As a business consultant, people value the experience you bring. There is no diminishing return.

Mike Scheerer, TES Alternative Career Coach Since 2009

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