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Coach Success Story: Brandon Breath

TES Coach Success Story Brandon Breath

Career Challenges

Look up the definition of Battered Career Syndrome and you might find a picture of me. There was no real flexibility in my job. I was constantly micromanaged I quickly understood the phrase “death by meeting”. We were always gathering to talk about what we needed to do, which left little time to do the work.

My job became routine and stale. I was on a proverbial hamster wheel, just spinning around and around in place.

I was dissatisfied being a small fish in a big pond knowing that I would never be able to influence decisions made for the business.

As a TES Franchisee

I am an individual contributor for the first time, I have complete control of my schedule. Using skills that were untapped for many years, I now have the ability and the outlet to connect with and talk to people as I guide them to a better future.

I have a bucket list of places I want to visit across the globe. The virtual business model I enjoy with TES allows me to spend long stretches of time in other parts of the country and the world. This is something I would never be able to do with a traditional job.

Brandon Breath, TES Career Ownership Coach Since 2019

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