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Take Ownership of Your Career by Diversifying Your Investments

People feel out of control right now. An estimated 13 million people found themselves jobless at the end of last week, and people—including clients we are working with—have lost large percentages of their investments in the stock market or their 401k retirement funds, seemingly overnight.

Reactive investments such as investing in the stock market, or putting money towards a 401k retirement fund, are impacted by factors that are outside of our control. This feels great when the economy is strong and the financial markets are doing well, but these investments stop serving us abruptly when the markets tank, as they’ve done recently. The sweeping roller coaster highs and lows of individual finances and the ensuing feeling of helplessness are what have left America reeling.

That is why our Career Ownership™ Coaches focus on showing their clients how they can diversify their investment portfolio by making proactive investments where the probability of success is much more predictable and can yield a much higher return on the time, money, and energy they invest. The key is to have a balance of both to maximize the return on all investments.

While the country is in a slight lull at the moment, it is only a matter of time before the economy opens back up, and many people are no longer interested in returning to their jobs, even if they have one “promised” to them. The illusion of control and job security has been exposed for what it is – an illusion. If your career is linked to a job, your professional future is tenuous at best.


One way to gain that control back is to diversify

some of your reactive investments into proactive investments

with your career ownership behind them.


As the country readies itself to open again, we’ve been hearing more and more frequently about how small business is vital to the health of the US economy, and how franchising is an important sector of small business, given its predictability and greater probability of success than starting a business individually. And as we’ve heard recently, small business is predicted to be an integral part of reshaping the new landscape, which is now being called, America 2.0.

We are already seeing that many people are exploring career ownership possibilities, unable to stomach the idea of returning to a job market that has continually battered them. In the past 60 days alone, our client base has grown three times, as people are eager to learn about what other opportunities are available to them outside of the job market.


There has never been a greater need for Career Ownership™ Coaches

who are able to guide individuals who are experiencing the Battered Career Syndrome® and

empower them to achieve their Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity goals.


If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of becoming a Career Ownership Coach with The Entrepreneur’s Source, reach out to us today.


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