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In Times of Uncertainty, Help Others Focus On Hope While Executing on Strategy

Hope is a positive and essential element that helps people rally together and approach less-than-ideal-situations with fortitude. When talking about taking ownership of our careers and Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity goals, however, hope is futile unless it is coupled with actionable strategy.


In this current climate of millions of people feeling out of control of their professional and financial situations, the immediate reaction might be to hope for things to get better, to hope for things to go back to normal, to hope to gain back control and financial stability.

This type of hope is futile – we need to have hope in order to be able to envision a better future, certainly, but even more importantly, there must be a strategy behind the vision that we can execute on if we want to see the desired changes in our lives.


True, lasting change occurs when we combine

hope with an effective strategy.


Maybe you find yourself in this position of hoping for better while developing a strategy to achieve your own You 2.0™. The tough love truth is, you can hope until the cows come home, but without implementing a strategy to make the shift you desire, nothing will change.

The Entrepreneur’s Source Wrote the Book on the Battered Career Syndrome®

For over 36 years, our Coaches have helped tens of thousands of clients by showing them how to execute on their Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity goals, and have empowered them to take true ownership of their careers. Fourteen years ago, we actually wrote the book on the Battered Career Syndrome and the Battered Investor Syndrome®. 


Our Career Ownership™ Coaches Guide Clients from Employment to Empowerment

In the last 60 days, our Coaches’ client base has tripled, as people are desperate to find out how to take back control of their careers. They have become an integral part of that empowerment experience by being a coach themselves, and in doing so, enables them to achieve their own Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity goals, as many of them have also experienced the Battered Career Syndrome firsthand.

If you would also like to take ownership of your career, while empowering others to do the same, reach out to us today to learn more about how you can become a Career Ownership Coach.

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