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What Do You Do When You’re Tired of Corporate America?

The Entrepreneur’s Source® Coach Gus Iurillo Responds to this Critical Question Impacting Countless Corporate Executives Nationwide

 Let’s go ahead and start with the elephant in the room – busting your tail for someone else’s profit stinks.   No matter how many times you try to justify it or view it from a different perspective, the bottom line never changes in the long run – it simply becomes tiresome and unrewarding to slave away as an overworked corporate executive, regardless of salary.

This is particularly true in today’s world where corner offices, gold watches, and retirement pensions are long gone.   But despite suffering from being overworked and under-appreciated (something we call The Battered Career Syndrome® at The Entrepreneur’s Source®), some corporate executives are still unwilling to explore business ownership and face their fears – (speaking of fear, one of the “F-Words” that holds entrepreneurs back, check out a recent blog post by The Entrepreneur’s Source® founder Terry Powell on “F-Words” that can empower you instead).

What few corporate executives realize, however, is that the “stability” (job security and a consistent salary) they cherish so much is a myth.   Consider:

  • As we share in our Amazon best-selling book, Your Career 2.0, American workers are taking jobs averaging 23% less income while expending 32% more time, energy and effort at work.
  • Let’s face it – while they may grin and bear it, most US employees are unhappy about their careers (in fact, according to a recent Gallup poll, more than 70% say they are “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” and searching for something more rewarding). Here’s why:
    • The median number of years that wage and salary workers have been with their current employer is just 4.6 years.
    • The average American worker earns just $36,000 a year and the median annual household income is less than $52,000.
    • And workers are scared they won’t have enough money in retirement. The average American aged 55-64 only has $104,000 put away for retirement and they are being forced to retire earlier than expected due to health problems, caring for loved ones, company downsizing, and lacking appropriate skills.

So, that means corporate executives are working harder for less money without little to no assurance they’ll have enough money for retirement.   Why do they do it?   Is there an alternative?  Richmond-based The Entrepreneur’s Source® alternative career coach Gus Iurillo has an answer, because he’s been there…literally.

Over 14 years ago, Gus was a corporate marketing executive who had grown tired of the bureaucracy and politics of big business. He was ready to make a change. He knew that he wanted to find a career that would give him more flexibility to work from home and one which would allow him to help other people.

When Gus discovered The Entrepreneur’s Source® franchise opportunity, he knew instantly that he’d found his new direction. As a driven professional, he was excited about the opportunity to build a business of his own in the multi-million-dollar franchise coaching industry. The proven methodology of the franchise coaching system appealed to him as it offered a framework for success and an approach for guiding other people to success.

More than that, however, The Entrepreneur’s Source® suited his lifestyle goals. Working as a franchise coach enabled him to work from home, enjoy a more flexible schedule and help others at the same time.

“This is a great business for someone who truly wants to help other people and has a deep empathy for making a difference in other peoples’ lives, while at the same time potentially enriching their own,” said Gus. “It’s one of those, ‘Do well by doing good’ type of businesses. It’s designed for people who are both proactive at managing their life and their career, but also want to help other people realize their career aspirations.”

After more than ten years in the franchise coaching industry, Gus continues to meet and exceed his goals. He has helped more than 300 people build successful franchise businesses. His guidance offers potential franchise owners a safe space in which to explore their skills and the options for business ownership that fit their own lifestyle goals. Said Gus, “I want to continue to do this as long as it’s fun.  It clearly has been thus far!”

There are better options than those countless days you drag yourself through the door at your office.   Those endless days where you can’t focus and you don’t experience personal or professional satisfaction as the day ends.   Gus was in your shoes – he knows what it’s like when your career becomes and ongoing, never-ending drain and the “what’s going to happen when I’m in my 50’s” questions become louder and more frequent than ever.

Here’s the good news – compared to the employee numbers above, the stats for those who decide to embrace business ownership, including franchise coaching businesses, are promising.


  • According to the SBA, the average franchise concept has about a 5% turnover rate annually as compared to non-franchise businesses where 50% of new business establishments survive 5 years or more. More than 1/3 survive 10 or more years.
  • The rate at which American employers go under has fallen 30% since 1977 – meaning smarter owners with better technology are making more informed decisions.
  • And an International Institute for the Study of Labor survey says the mean income for entrepreneurs is almost 50% greater than for employees. The study also concluded that entrepreneurs do more good in the world – innovating, creating market efficiencies, and generating jobs.

Here’s the best part.   If you’re ready to become an entrepreneur and follow Gus’ lead by becoming a franchise coach with The Entrepreneur’s Source®, you’ll be able to live out your dreams of business ownership while helping others, like yourself, do the same.

As a franchise coach, you will work with talented professionals who are experiencing that same feeling of discontent. These are top-notch professionals who bring significant skills to the table, such as confident communication, a passion for helping others, personal motivation and a comfort with driving their personal financial success.   Like you, all they need is a little help moving from Employment to Empowerment® and moving on from corporate America.

So, are you ready to transform your career to being self-sufficient as a franchise coach?   To start your own entrepreneurial journey that offers the flexibility you crave, while at the same time giving you the ability to help others?   If so, please visit us here to request information from one of our Franchise Developers.

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