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What is a Possibilities vs Probabilities Mindset, and Why is it So Important?


Having a possibilities mindset is so important – in these days now, more than ever.

This isn’t about capitalizing on people’s and businesses’ misfortune or turning a blind eye to the situation we find ourselves in – it’s about choosing to remain positive, find the possibilities among the setbacks, and take measured action to ensure that when the tide turns – and it always does – you are ready.

It’s important to first be able to recognize when you are focused on probabilities and what you can see right now in contrast with having a Possibilities mindset, where you focus on what can be.

How can you recognize if you’re in a Probabilities mindset?

Thinking in probabilities can quickly become a downward spiral of negative scenarios blown out of proportion.

If you catch yourself thinking like this, “This situation is probably going to negatively impact my family,” or “I’m probably going to lose my customer base because of this,” this is a pretty good indicator that you’re thinking in a probabilities mindset.

The good news is, you have a positive alternative to shift to, which is focusing on Possibilities.

How do I transition to a Possibilities mindset?

Having a Possibilities mindset doesn’t mean you have an unrealistic worldview, it just means that you explore what can be possible, and transition from what you can see right in front of you. This might mean you need to make a sharp pivot in your personal or professional career ownership journey in order to continue to moving forward to achieve your Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity™ goals.

The restaurant industry is a great example of adapting quickly in order to meet customers’ sudden change in needs and behaviors. While their physical doors remain shut, restaurants have found other ways to communicate and reach their customers. Commendably, they were able to pivot extremely rapidly.

To shift into a Possibilities mindset, ask yourself, “What can be possible?” “What can I do right now to be part of the solution?” “How can I continue to move forward today?” Focus on using Action and Opportunity focused words when thinking of a solution.

How do our Career Ownership™ Coaches use a Possibilities mindset to coach their clients?

Having a possibilities mindset is part of the culture at The Entrepreneur’s Source and has been for over 36 years. The business was founded on exploring clients’ Possibilities, Options, and Dreams – the keyword here truly is “Possibilities.”

Embracing a Possibilities Mindset is important in the coaching experience to make the shift from their Career 1.0 to their Career 2.0.

Our Coaches have mastered the ability to guide people through this transition, many of them having gone through it themselves.

If you want to learn more about becoming a Career Ownership Coach, and help clients experience this shift, reach out today.

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