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Industry Outlook: Reimagine the Future of Work™

2020 has rebooted the work landscape in more ways than one. Many people are reimagining what their jobs might look like in the future, creating more room for career ownership coaches to offer their guidance and expertise to put people on a path toward taking control of their professional and financial futures or what I like to call Reimagine the Future of Work™

There is no one prescribed path toward a successful career. Along with the rise of virtual work environments, there is the possibility that the 9-5 is now old-school. Employees are looking for flexibility where they can spend time with their families, increase their quality of life and maintain financial stability. Many have been laid off or furloughed.

While the pandemic has undoubtedly been stressful for individuals, it has also caused people to rethink their priorities about what is possible for them in their future. Although recalibration might have opened many doors, the options about next steps can still be confusing. Employees looking to make the leap might still be left asking: what’s next?

This is where Career Ownership Coaches from The Entrepreneur’s Source (TES) fit in. Our coaches are passionate about helping others, and they provide education, awareness and discovery to help their clients explore opportunities they might not have been aware of before. Amid a never-before-seen shift in America’s workforce, interest in joining our career coaching franchise has skyrocketed. In September alone, we welcomed three new Career Ownership Coaches as franchisees. Driving this surge is the most robust volume of career coaching clients that we’ve ever seen. Tens of thousands of pivoting professionals are seeking to grab hold of their personal and professional destinies through franchising and they’re turning to our coaches to guide them. Our Career Ownership Coaches are working with more candidates than ever before in the history of TES, and they are successfully guiding clients into franchising in greater quantities than at any other time in our storied past.

Passionate entrepreneurs who love people and shine at bringing out the best in their clients can find a great career with TES. Equally important, TES Coaches lean on our 36 years of career ownership coaching experience and world-class training to deliver expert coaching that clients love. TES Coaches live by their words: the franchise model is virtual and incurs minimal overheads. Click here to learn more why our franchisees at TES love coaching!

At a time when people are looking to reinvent themselves and take ownership of their financial and professional futures, the need for career ownership coaching is stronger than ever. TES Coaches have experienced tremendous growth and are working with more clients than ever, offering guidance and expertise to put people on a path toward taking control of their professional and financial futures. Working as a TES Coach can help you take control of your career and achieve your personal Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity goals while helping others achieve theirs, all with the support of an established and proven franchise system backed by 36 years of franchising and coaching success.

Learn more about owning your own career coaching business with The Entrepreneur’s Source.

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