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“Work-Life Balance” Means Taking Ownership of Your Career When COVID-19 Has Destroyed the Corporate Playbook

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In a time of intense professional, economic, and personal transition – with children going back to school in a “distance-learning” or virtual, environment, and parents navigating the roles of educator, nanny, and breadwinner simultaneously — the term “work-life balance” has gained a whole new meaning.

At this moment, there is nothing more valuable than having the flexibility and autonomy to control one’s time, and now, more than ever, people are considering business ownership as a viable way to achieve this.

As the rate of unemployment continues to increase, and job security declines, our Career Ownership Coaches®, who help people in career transition learn about the different resources and options available to them, have experienced that their own schedules have filled up with clients exploring business ownership.

Our Coaches repeatedly hear the same conviction from clients, “I never want to work for someone else again,”  and they are gratified that they can help their clients gain that control back.

The best part is, they know what possibilities are available for their clients because they experience the benefits of a virtual, home-based, flexible business model themselves.

They enjoy the flexibility of being able to manage their own schedules as business owners running their practices from home, as they help their clients navigate these major shifts as well.

As one Coach stated, “I no longer answer to anyone but myself. I control my time: I decide when it’s time to start and end my workday, when it’s time to relax, when I’ll spend time with my family. I find it overwhelmingly awesome.”

Reach out today to learn more about taking control of your future while helping others take control of theirs.


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