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Coach Success Stories

Coach Success Story: Rick Arevalo

TES Coach Success Story Rick Arevalo

Career Challenges

Like many of us, I spent much of my career making other people a lot of money. Yes, I had the title, the position, and the responsibility. But, when I asked myself, did I get where I wanted to go? The answer was no. I decided it was time for me to finally take complete control of my career and my life.

As a TES Franchisee

With TES, I finally got to where I wanted to go, and I really like it here.

During my time with TES, I was able to move from one state to another and my clients never knew. That is the beauty of the virtual business model. My business was able to continue and function without a blip. It is the ultimate convenience. Try doing that in the corporate world!

Rick Arevalo, TES Alternative Career Coach Since 2015

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