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Coach Success Stories

Coach Success Story: Amy & Jud Harper

TES Coach Success Story Amy and Jud Harper

Career Challenges

We were like two ships passing in the night. Between the long hours and travel associated with both of our jobs, we hardly ever saw each other. We also moved around a bit thanks to non-compete clauses in Jud’s profession. We were also raising four children. Sometimes we even had to vacation separately. It was all a bit of a struggle and a juggle. To say our life was crazy would be an understatement.

As TES Franchisees

Thanks to TES, we now have a better work/life balance. This opportunity gave us a chance to do something we always wanted to do; work together as a couple. We went from hardly ever seeing each other, to seeing each other every day. The way the business is set up, we can travel together and still work. Spend time at the lake house, or relax by the beach and make money? We’ve truly got the best of both worlds.

Amy & Jud Harper, TES Alternative Career Coaches Since 2018

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