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Coach Success Story: Judy Stoleson

Judy StolesonJudy Stoleson wasn’t attempting to make history as the only woman in her college class majoring in accounting. She was just following through on a lesson learned from her father.

“From the time I could understand, my father taught my sisters and me that we could do anything we wanted, if we were willing to put in the work,” said Judy. “I actually enjoyed the classes, had a natural affinity for numbers, and thought I could make a good living as an accountant. Being the only woman was of no consequence to me, even if it was the ‘70’s.”

Judy, a successful Phoenix-based Alternative Career Coach with The Entrepreneur’s Source®, North America’s leading career transition coaching franchise, has continued to put in the work, growing her own award-winning business, while providing guidance, education, and encouragement to her many clients, helping them become self-sufficient, like her.

We spoke with Judy recently, to get her thoughts on TES, and why franchise business ownership can be even more empowering for women.

Q: Judy, you had a corporate career before joining The Entrepreneur’s Source®. Please tell us a bit about that.

Judy Stoleson: I had been working as an accountant for several individual medical practices in the Phoenix area. This is long before doctors started building the giant practices you have today.

In 1988, one of my clients, who also was a friend and mentor, asked me to manage a medical equipment company he and several other doctors were starting. The company became very successful, over the next 5 years, and I eventually became co-owner. We sold the business to a public company, and I was asked to stay on. I did for another 6 years, but was already getting restless.

Q: What was the “tipping point” for you to leave the corporate world?

Judy: I enjoyed what I was doing, but was missing out on so much due to all the extended travel.  I was on the road 5 days a week! Because of that, there was a real disconnect with family and friends. I had little, or no time to spend with them, and that’s no way to live life.

I started looking at other opportunities, but my mentor asked me one day, “Why are you looking for a different seat on the same Ferris wheel? Why not do something on your own?”   I had a taste of self-sufficiency running the independent medical equipment company, so I thought, “why not invest in myself and look at the different opportunities that would allow me to become my own boss and go from Employment to Empowerment.

Q: How did you discover TES, and what was the process to finding your franchise fit?

Judy: I actually saw an ad in the Wall Street Journal for TES. Owning my own business was certainly what I was interested in doing, so I reached out to them, and was assigned a coach. He was totally focused on my goals of making my own schedule, as well as Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity (I.L.W.E). The education component of the process, was very detailed, and helped answer my questions, making me feel even more confident with my decision to make the move out of corporate.

Q: Your coach eventually presented you with some different franchise options, which, according to the process, would be good fits for your goals. Why did you choose to become a TES Coach?

Judy: After investigating and validating all of my options, including owning a transmission franchise, and a residential cleaning service, I chose to become a TES Coach. 

Q: What does it take to be as successful as you have been?

Judy: First, you must truly desire to help others. I’m a big fan of capitalism, and believe small business is the economic engine driving this country. If you focus on providing opportunities for people to become small business owners, to capture the American dream, you will be successful, too, on many different levels.

But you also must be willing to work HARD in the early going. I always believed failure was NOT an option, so that spurred me on. If someone just wants the lifestyle, and not build the business, it just won’t work. Period.

Q: Why is becoming a TES coach such a great option for women, especially?

JS: In my case, it was the opportunity to have it all.  I know, it sounds trite, but it’s true. I can work at my own pace, set my own schedule, have the income and lifestyle I desire, and still have plenty of time for my family and friends.

I don’t have to worry about age, or gender discrimination, nor have any worries about being down-sized due to corporate moves beyond my control. I enjoy what I do so much, I just may never retire! My kids and husband don’t want me to, any way!

If you’re ready to take that next step, like Judy, to becoming empowered, and not just employed, while really defining your Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity(I,L,W,E) goals, The Entrepreneur’s Source® wants to talk with you about becoming a TES coach.

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