Answers to common questions about the TES franchise opportunity.

We know you have lots of questions about us, our coaches and our methods. We cover it all right here!

I don’t get it – am I going to be a coach or a business owner?

Both! The Entrepreneur's Source franchise opportunity is a way for you to grow your knowledge of business through the experience of owning and operating your own franchise, and then sharing that knowledge with others who've been looking for the same kind of relief from their corporate careers. You're a Career Ownership Coach™ who owns their own Career Ownership Coaching™ business. The best of both worlds.

If I’m not selling anything, how do I make money?

The Entrepreneur's Source Career Ownership Coaches™ earn generous referral fees from our many leading franchisor partners. As a coach, when you're able to find a high-quality match between a franchisor and a client, helping facilitate the launch of their franchise journey, you'll can earn tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the franchisor's referral policy.

If I work remotely, how will I connect with potential clients?

In addition to your business' own custom TES website that we'll build and develop for you, we'll help you attract customers through digital marketing efforts, as well as funnel seekers to you through our online Career Ownership Launchpad.

How much money can I make?

Your earnings will always depend on your own hard work and dedication to making your business thrive – but we can tell you that, across the entire TES franchise system, the average annual income exceeds $101,000, with the highest annual income over $721,000 (as detailed in our FDD Item 19). And with focused effort and our expert guidance, you could make as much or more.

Why shouldn’t I pursue a more traditional franchise opportunity?

A traditional franchise opportunity isn't a bad choice but for some, the benefits of becoming a TES Career Ownership Coach™ outweigh those of a different opportunity. The ability to work from just about anywhere, the network of like-minded franchisees willing to support and guide you to success in business, the proven systems and methods, and 35+ years of experience as a leading Career Ownership Coaching™ company all set us apart from any other opportunity on the market. We hope you think so, too.

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