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Having felt the burn out and restriction of Corporate America, Brian McNamara is helping others find clarity and direction in the same situation.

After almost three decades in corporate America, Brian McNamara felt lost and unhappy. He found that he would increasingly press “snooze” and wait until the very last moment to get up. He felt as though he had lost his passion.

Deciding it was time to look beyond the corporate world, Brian took some time off to figure out what he wanted to do for the second half of his career. “I explored options like real estate and starting my own business, but honestly, I didn’t know what to do. I was overwhelmed by my options,” he says, “What I did know is that I wanted to do something that had meaning. I wanted to build a legacy of helping others find meaning as well. I just didn’t know how.”

Brian began working with a Career Ownership Coach® with The Entrepreneur Source® (TES) to help him figure out what was next. “Initially, franchising is not something I considered. Like many others, I shut down when I heard the word ‘franchising’. My coach helped me see that franchising is not an f-word and that I was limiting myself by this thinking,” says Brian, “Franchising has so many different types of business models, ones that are proven and provide support and training so that you are in business for yourself but not by yourself.”

After evaluating his income, lifestyle, wealth, and equity goals he found himself drawn to TES. “I was confident that I would earn the income necessary for my life stage and the virtual business model was very appealing to me. It was a business I could do anywhere, anytime. I also found the investment to be modest and it was also something that I work on “for fun and to keep me stimulated through retirement,” explains Brian.

“Beyond that, Career Ownership Coaches® help people every day. They help people gain clarity on what they want for their lives. That was most important to me. That is where the magic is.”

In April 2021, Brian made the choice to become a TES Career Ownership Coach® and it has changed his life for the better in ways he hadn’t even anticipated. “I recently went to my first physical since joining TES. My blood pressure was the lowest it had ever been, and my weight was down. The doctor asked what I had been doing to get such great results and I told him all I had done was switched careers!”

“My lifestyle is much improved now. I set my own schedule. I have the flexibility in my day to prioritize exercise and make a healthy lunch,” says Brian, “Even my wife has noticed the change. She says I am a different person, happier and more energetic. I’m no longer burnt out.”

Adding, “My motivation to show up every day has never been this high.  I have a drive and enthusiasm for helping people realize happiness in their careers and lives.”

TES’ virtual business model has also improved Brian’s lifestyle, saying, “The portability of being a coach has been incredible. My wife and me are avid travelers and we now have the freedom to travel when we want. For example, this year we were able to spend a week in Mexico in February, two weeks in Maui in April and a week in Montreal in June. This would not have been possible if I was still in my old career.”

In addition to the overall improved lifestyle, Brian has found a new fulfillment and satisfaction in his career that has never been there before. “Every day, I help clients discover independence and balance in their work and life in a no pressure environment. I have been in the same position as many of my clients, feeling confined and trapped in a career path that wasn’t serving the life I wanted,” he says.

“I recently worked with a senior executive candidate from the medical industry. She was experiencing frustration with the hierarchy and bureaucracy of her industry and felt that she had lost touch with what matters to her, helping people and creating a positive customer service,” Brian recalls, “She wanted to give back to her community in a more meaningful and direct way. She also had three children entering the workforce and wanted to build a business and legacy that included them. She ended up buying not one, but two businesses! Her children are a part of them and together the family is providing two meaningful services to their community. It was incredible being a part of that journey.”

To best serve his clients, Brian has relied on the ongoing support and robust systems of TES. “The training was fantastic. It is extensive and really gets down to the fundamentals but also allows for you to apply your own style. And it is ongoing! I can reach out to the key people to get the help I need when I need it. They have been responsive at the highest level,” explains Brian, “And the peer network with TES has been a great resource for encouragement and best practices. I have never felt that I was on my own doing this.”

These days, Brian is up before his alarm. He no longer dreads going to work. As a TES Career Ownership Coach®, Brian has the freedom and flexibility to live the lifestyle he had only dreamed about in Corporate America. His health is the best it has been, and he and his wife are enjoying traveling. Most importantly for Brian though is that he is having an impact on others by helping them achieve their goals and dreams through exploring business ownership for themselves.

To learn more about how TES can help you on your journey, click here to begin today!

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