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american dream

Celebrate the Fourth of July by Igniting Your Independence

American dream

We have independence on our mind this Fourth of July — not just our country’s independence, but our own personal independence.

Many of us have spent most of our careers slogging through a 9-5, working hard to make someone else’s dream a reality. But after a year of challenges and more time to think than any of us have had before, now is the perfect time to ignite your own independence and live your American Dream instead of being a background character in someone else’s.

At the Entrepreneur’s Source® (TES), our biggest priority is making sure our Career Ownership Coaches® are achieving their dreams as they help others achieve theirs. Working as a Career Ownership Coach® is two-fold. As much as you’re aiming to help others achieve their goals and find their dream business, you’re also working to achieve your own Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity™ goals — and we wouldn’t have it any other way. TES is just as much about helping you achieve your life goals as we are about helping our clients.

So what does the American Dream look like for you? Afternoons at the park with your children? Trips to Tahiti? Morning badminton matches? Whatever it is you’re looking for, you can have it with TES. As a coach with TES, you are your own boss, meaning you set your hours and client workload. We’re also a 100% virtual franchise, meaning you can work from wherever you’re happiest — and if that location moves somewhere else, so can you!

This Fourth of July, we implore you to take a moment and really think about where you are in your life and career — you may find you’re burned out and need a big career change, or that you’re more than ready to leave behind the 9-5 for the flexibility of working with a world-class brand that puts your independence and passion first.

Learn more about living your American Dream and  owning your own Career Ownership Coaching business with The Entrepreneur’s Source®.

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