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Franchise Cupid: Creating Love Affairs with Career Ownership

This February, love is in the air — though for many Americans, that doesn’t seem to be the case when it comes to their careers. Studies show that 52% of Americans are unhappy at work, which certainly leaves a lot of room for growth and change for more than half of the American workforce.

Conversely, research shows that entrepreneurs are happier and healthier than employees, and here at The Entrepreneur’s Source® (TES), we’re not surprised. Just ask our Career Ownership Coaches® who decided to take ownership of their careers in order to achieve their Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity™ goals — and have been loving their careers ever since.

Susan Mell

Susan found success in the business world early, becoming the largest wireless distributor in her thirties. She tripled her business with a mentor of her own, who helped her find the confidence to implement her ideas and take big risks. As a coach with TES, Susan enjoys making her own schedule, helping her clients find success and hearing about their achievements as they find fulfillment and move through their careers as franchise owners.

Everyone I talk to is different, every conversation is different. I enjoy my clients,” Susan said. “Helping people make an impact on their community is empowering. It gets to a certain point in your career when it has to be about more than just the money, and that’s true of my clients. They want to make a difference for their community, their family.”

Tim Titus 

With TES, Tim has been able to get away from constantly scheduled (and often unnecessary) meetings by making his own schedule, which allows him ample time to volunteer and serve on a number of non-profit boards that are important to him. He has also found a great deal of personal fulfillment as a coach who spends his working hours helping others.

“I get such satisfaction working with people to achieve their career goals,” Tim said. “To witness that lightbulb moment go off in a client’s head when they reach a point of clarity is truly amazing and rewarding for me.”

Wendy Dalpez

For Wendy, becoming her own boss was about reducing the negative impact work had on her and her family and getting away from the burnout that came from working long hours, holidays and relocating often. With TES, Wendy is able to spend more time with her family and is excited to go to work on her own terms.

Wendy said, “Knowing that I am doing something I love, am passionate about and that makes a significant impact on my family financially is amazing,”

Anna Brambilla

Anna decided to break into the career ownership coaching business after a string of horrible bosses and office politics left her fatigued and frustrated. Franchising, she found, provided an abundance of support from TES and her fellow franchisees, as well as an opportunity to do the work she loves without playing the “game” of office politics that is prevalent in corporate America.

Anna said, “I love making a difference in the lives of my clients. Knowing that I can help them make their lives better is so powerful.”

TES provides our franchisees with the opportunity to fall back in love with their careers, while helping others discover what they are passionate about and determine their vision for the future. We’ve helped more than one million professionals explore their career possibilities with our powerful approach to education, awareness and discovery and our unique Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity™ assessment.

Are you ready bring love back into your own career? Learn more about owning your own career ownership coaching business with The Entrepreneur’s Source®.


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