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Overcome Holiday Objections: 5 Tips to Effectively Share Your Desire to be a TES Coach

Ahh, the holidays are here, and all that comes with them: family, fun, fellowship, and food!

It’s during these happy occasions, many people choose to share exciting news with family members, usually around the dinner table. Maybe someone just got engaged, or there’s an announcement of a new baby on the way. The glow of the holidays just seems to be the perfect time to share joyful events.

Many times, the news may be about a new job opportunity, but maybe your career announcement is a little bit different. You’re looking to leave the corporate world, and become your own boss. One option you’re considering is becoming an alternative career coach with The Entrepreneur’s Source, the nation’s leading franchise coaching organization. So, how do you share this exciting opportunity to your family, who want to support you, but just might be a bit skeptical?

TES offers 5 Tips of how to share the news.

1. The “Risk” of Working for Yourself

Address the elephant in the room, first. Sure, there’s risk in becoming an Entrepreneur, but compare that to the risk of staying where you are in your corporate job. The days of working in one place for 30 years, getting the gold watch, and pension, are over. The “new economy’ has taken care of that. There are no more guarantees, no more security, because your position could be wiped out by a corporate decision made several time zones away. You have realized your “career transition light” is flashing, and you’d rather make it your decision to leave, rather than theirs.

To be clear: You are taking control of your professional life.

2. You are Doing your Education, Awareness and Discovery

This is not something you just decided last night.  You have been carefully gathering facts, educating yourself on options, observing how others have made this transition to self-sufficiency. You are exploring all angles, of all the possibilities of living the life YOU want to live.

And you’re not doing this alone, you are working with a highly skilled, qualified alternative career coach who is helping you determine what YOUR Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity (I.L.W.E.) goals are, providing a personalized plan to reach those goals…and you’ve decided you want to be a coach, too!

The coach is also streamlining the process for you, giving you the time and space to explore your options without any pressure to make a quick decision. They are providing structure, a relationship, and leadership.   Something you’ll be helping others do as a coach!

3. There is Real Flexibility

Your time has not been your own, and you’ve been paying for it, by being saddled with more responsibilities, working longer hours, and not being compensated as well as you would like.

You had bought into the notion your education and dedication would pay off. It hasn’t. Your advancement opportunities are just a glimmer, with no real hope of a pay-off.  You’ve been asking yourself where will you will be in 5 years, and NOT liking the answers. But you have taken stock of your strengths and have concluded you have some real, tangible assets:

  • Excellent work ethic
  • Proven success
  • Sound decision-making skills
  • Transferable skill sets
  • Resilience
  • Strong belief in yourself

You have realized these assets, along with others, can help you find your path to self-sufficiency, and more freedom to do the things you want to do with your life, such as having more quality time with family. THAT’S freedom and becoming a TES coach offers the ability to work from anywhere.

4. It’s More than Just a Job

You have a real empathy toward others, and you believe your experiences can help others who may be making a career transition. You can be the positive life force for them, guiding them to do the same thing you’re doing: exploring the possibilities, while tempering fear with facts, to take the path to becoming an entrepreneur.

Your connection with a “corporate refugee”, or vets looking for a foothold as they transition to civilian life, or a mom wanting a more flexible schedule, can be vital. You are helping them take those steps to their more fulfilling alternative career, providing transformational coaching to be successful, not only in their new challenge, but in life.

That’s a calling, not just a job.

5. Yes, I Value Your Opinion

Accept the fact your family may want to protect you from yourself as you work through your decision toward your new goals. It’s only natural. They may even express pessimism about your dreams and goals, or try to dissuade you from making the transition away from your traditional career. If you are the sole provider, then the stakes-and their fears-just got bigger.

By involving them now in your Discovery Process, they will be able to see clearly the measured, informed steps toward control of your life, using business ownership to reach the life you want. They will capture your focus on what could be, and not what could happen.

If you are ready to embrace becoming self-sufficient, while controlling your own time and efforts, as a TES Alternative Career Coach, then request more information here from one of our Franchise Developers. They can provide more information about finding an alternative career for you while helping others do the same!

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