Coach, client or franchisor member – they’ve all got great things to say.

We love the community we’ve helped develop over the last 35+ years in the business.

Why our franchisee coaches love us.

Thanks to TES, we now have a better work/life balance. This opportunity gave us a chance to do something we always wanted to do; work together as a couple. We went from hardly ever seeing each other, to seeing each other every day. The way the business is set up, we can travel together and still work. Spend time at the lake house, or relax by the beach and make money? We’ve truly got the best of both worlds.

AMY & JUD HARPER, Entrepreneur’s Source Coaches

“The home-based, flexible nature of being an Entrepreneur’s Source coach was very appealing to me. It’s provided me flexibility that I didn’t have before in the medical field, flexibility that I’d never get from traditional employment. I can’t imagine anything else that would allow me that kind of flexibility.”

JOANNE MAAMRY, Entrepreneur’s Source Coach

When I worked a corporate job, I would stress out on Sundays over the thought of going back to work on Monday. No more. Sundays are now “Fundays” again. I am no longer a corporate hostage. I set my own schedule. The flexibility is fantastic. I’m basically the captain of my own ship.

HEIDI SIMOS, Entrepreneur’s Source Coach

I really enjoy the virtual nature of the TES business model. If I can plug in my phone and my computer, I can operate anywhere. I still travel a lot but now my wife comes with me. Another benefit I’ve noticed is the way I am treated. As an employee, the business market values you less as you get older. As a business consultant, people value the experience you bring. There is no diminishing return.

MIKE SCHEERER, Entrepreneur’s Source Coach

“TES gave me the opportunity to have it all. I know, it sounds trite, but it’s true. I can work at my own pace, set my own schedule, have the income and lifestyle I desire, and still have plenty of time for my family and friends.”

JUDY STOLESON, Entrepreneur’s Source Coach

“I’ve always enjoyed the freedom that comes with business ownership. I’m someone who makes effective use of my time, and I’m very goal and task-driven. One day, it just dawned on me that I could reinvent myself. It was uncomfortable to realize that my day-to-day would be very different, but I was excited.”

STEVE ROSENKRANTZ, Entrepreneur’s Source Coach

“My job before was similar. My fulfillment has changed. I know everyday I’m making a difference with someone who is underemployed or they’ve lost their purpose, and I’m giving them a kernel of hope.”

JEFFREY CRANE, Entrepreneur’s Source Coach

“The Entrepreneurs Source provides resources and extensive training tools. I appreciate the fact that I have a support system back there negotiating and actively trying to augment our skills to share with clients and franchisors.”

CINDY OSBORN, Entrepreneur’s Source Coach

There is a saying in franchising, “You are in business for yourself, but you are never by yourself.” Even though I run my own business and decide how to spend my time, I enjoy an incredible amount of support from my fellow franchisees and of course, TES, my franchisor. We are constantly sharing ideas and encouraging each other. There are no politics.

ANNA BRAMBILLA, Entrepreneur’s Source Coach

I am an individual contributor for the first time, I have complete control of my schedule. Using skills that were untapped for many years, I now have the ability and the outlet to connect with and talk to people as I guide them to a better future. I have a bucket list of places I want to visit across the globe. The virtual business model I enjoy with TES allows me to spend long stretches of time in other parts of the country and the world. This is something I would never be able to do with a traditional job.

BRANDON BREATH, Entrepreneur’s Source Coach

After becoming an alternative career coach with The Entrepreneur’s Source®, I now have unlimited earning potential. I also have freedom. Freedom to run my business as I see fit, work when I want to, and help others in the process.

CHIP MEYERS, Entrepreneur’s Source Coach

For the first time in 35 years, I wake up without a feeling of dread that I have to go to work. At first, it was surreal. Now it is exhilarating. I made the right decision. I get out of bed filled with energy and motivation, knowing I have the potential to change people’s lives — just as mine was changed by my TES coach.

DARREN LEAVITT, Entrepreneur’s Source Coach

In the corporate world, meetings are a daily, if not hourly, occurrence. It’s a lot of talking without much getting accomplished. Now, with TES, I am still involved in meetings – meetings I schedule and aren’t scheduled for me. These meetings are productive, meaningful, and impactful as the outcome is usually helping a client. My work with TES also allows me time to volunteer and serve on a number of non-profit boards for charities near and dear to my heart.

TIM TITUS, Entrepreneur’s Source Coach

My career with TES gave me my life back. It allowed me to be part of my family again. Thanks to TES, I am excited to go to work again, but this time it is on my own terms. I work hard, but they are hours I choose to put in. I am no longer held back by someone else’s idea of when, where and how I work.

WENDY DALPEZ, Entrepreneur’s Source Coach

Our coaches change lives.

“I had worked for 15 years in the world of corporate finance when I was forced to make a sudden exit. I had always thought to myself, I have this great corporate job, I’m on easy street. But I was really in the wrong place at the wrong time. My Career Transition Coach™ helped me take a close look at franchising to achieve self-sufficiency. When friends are approaching those exit ramps in life, the first thing I tell them to do is to connect with a Career Transition Coach™ at The Entrepreneur’s source.”

ANDREW BROWN, New Business Owner

“The Entrepreneur’s Source process is extremely thorough and allowed me the opportunity to explore new industries and prioritize my career and personal goals.”

K. GRASSO, New Business Owner

“The most important part of the process for Linwood and I was that our Career Transition Coach™ took the time to find out what OUR goals, needs and expectations were, first. It was never about “making a sale” with him. It was all about our Why. He created a confidence bond, and helped us see all opportunities, without pushing us to one business over others. I liked that.”

KALAYA NELSON, New Business Owner

“I was traveling across the country working in corporate sales and one day I realized that I didn’t want to travel anymore! That’s when I began to think about owning my own business. I began working with my Career Transition Coach™ who helped me begin my Journey of Discovery. For me, it was a great process. I was learning about what excited and motivated me, but also what didn’t! That was just as important. I am so happy I went on the journey, and was also happy to have my coach along with me.”

LEE PUTNAM, New Business Owner

“This career change is what I was meant to do with my life. I’m a happier and healthier person and look forward to working every day!”

MARIANNA DALEY, New Business Owner

“Being an entrepreneur was always an idea in my head, but to be honest, I thought when I got to the point in my life that I had a family, that that ship had sailed. My wife and I met with our Career Transition Coach™ and found The Entrepreneur’s Source® to be a valuable tool throughout our discovery process. Now, as a business owner I have not only raised nearly $1 million dollars for schools in my community, but I work hard, and I get the flexibility to do what I want to do when I want to do it.”

MICHAEL SCROOPE, New Business Owner

“After working as an executive for 50-plus years in the Detroit area, I found myself at a crossroads. At the age of 64, many people are looking to wind down; but I was starting a whole new adventure. That’s when I found The Entrepreneur’s Source®. I feel my coach has developed his communication skills which allow him to listen with true empathy and I completely trusted The Entrepreneur’s Source process. Now I feel I have personal value in my work. I am loving being a business owner and can see the impact it can have on others.”

RICK WEAVER, New Business Owner

Our franchisor members love working with us.

“For the past 10 years Closets By Design and TES have worked very closely with one common goal, ‘The education of our clients though their Discovery process.’ We both understand that providing meaningful information allows our mutual client to become knowledgeable on our brand as they validate whether this brand meets their personal and financial objectives. Throughout the years, we judge our success not on the number of franchises awarded, but rather on providing a positive experience to each and every client whether they elect to  move forward with our brand or not.”


“The TES Coaches are great to work with and continue to bring many new FISH Franchisees each year. After all these years our partnership has never gotten stale, and the Coaches and TES Leadership always thank us for attending the annual conference. We sincerely appreciate that!”


“The Entrepreneur Source is HomeTeam Inspection Service’s number one source for quality franchise candidates. Due to the top-notch TES coach network, our franchise development team has more time to focus on business growth, startup success, and franchisee relationships because the coaches take the time to educate franchise candidates on franchising prior to our initial call.”


“We at HomeVestors, the ‘We Buy Ugly Houses’ folks, are excited about the beginning of a ‘Beautiful Friendship’ with the E Source Coaching team. Your professionalism and commitment to the best interests of your clients is outstanding and we look forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship! ”


“In the years that we have worked with TES we’ve found the whole organization to be very professional and great to work with. TES has a strong mission, and as an organization dives deep into finding out what makes people and businesses tick. TES has been a partner in our success and will be for many years to come.”


“Money Mailer has had the privilege of working with TES for almost 18 years and I’ve personally attended 17 TES Conferences which keep getting better. TES has given us more award-winning franchisees than any other group we work with including Franchisees of the Year and the current record-holder for the largest single-territory in the entire U.S.”


“The Entrepreneur’s Source understands the value of a partnership to connect ideas with opportunity. Emerging entrepreneurs have many ideas to get started but often find navigating business ownership and all the options it affords to be overwhelming. Partnering with TES was our first strategic step when we first began franchising to share our opportunity with everyday people seeking real options to meet their income, lifestyle, and equity goals. We value the long-standing relationships we’ve built with TES coaches and the meaningful difference they’ve made to our brand and the ownership dreams of those we’ve placed over the years.”


“TES has become an incredible partner to Oxi Fresh and my team of developers. Since we have been working with TES we have been able to place over 75 qualified franchisees with over 100 territories. There is nothing better than being able to rely on a company like TES to find candidates who come to my team already familiar with our brand, our culture, and our unique differentiators.”



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