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The Entrepreneur’s Source®: A Million Dollar Idea

Millionaires aren’t made overnight. Except for maybe winning the lottery or receiving a large inheritance, becoming a millionaire takes hard work and patience. And it usually doesn’t happen working for someone else.  Through business ownership you can take control of your financial destiny and be on the path towards becoming a millionaire.

However, the type of business you choose matters, as some sectors are more likely to make you a millionaire than others.  Recently Due Annuity, a trusted source for retirement planning, compiled a list of 25 businesses “that are bound to make you a millionaire in just five years”.  It’s no surprise that The Entrepreneur’s Source® (TES) aligns with many of the Top 25 business sectors named on the list.

The TES business model falls into some of Due’s top money-making categories including financial services, business consultancy, education and training services, employee recruitment services and franchise ownership.  As the largest career ownership coaching organization, TES has assisted millions of professionals explore business ownership possibilities for close to 40 years. Coaches help individuals identify their income, lifestyle, wealth, and equity (ILWE) goals and then discuss options to help them achieve those goals.  As a home-based business with no expiration date, TES coaches can maximize their revenue potential much longer than in the traditional workforce.

While creating wealth for themselves, TES coaches help others do the same. Many aspiring entrepreneurs need help and advice in finding the path to business ownership that is right for them. With entrepreneurism on a steady rise, there is a constant demand for the services our Career Ownership Coaches® provide. Acting as a bridge for our 200+ franchise partners, TES Coaches help seekers find a business model that best suits their income and lifestyle goals.

Our clients are well positioned to become millionaires because our franchise partners make up a majority of the businesses listed on Due’s million-dollar business ideas. In addition to the sectors TES coaches embody, we have partners in sectors including eldercare, cleaning business, healthcare consultancy, real estate brokerage firm/construction, agribusiness, communications, ecofriendly business, legal services, eCommerce website, web design agency, cyber security vendor, and pet services.

TES Career Ownership Coaches® are in the unique position to be able to help others while helping themselves.  Business ownership is a vehicle by which you can control your own destiny and create wealth for yourself and with TES, you don’t have to do that by yourself. Coaches have the support and proven systems to create a business that allows them to achieve their own ILWE goals, while helping others do the same. That sounds like a million-dollar idea!  Start on your pathway to success today and learn more about becoming a Career Ownership Coach®.

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