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Coach Success Stories

Coach Success Story: Paco Beltran

TES Coach Success Story Paco Beltran

Career Challenges

With age comes wisdom, right? Age also comes with a lack of opportunities. I spent decades in upper management in prestigious corporations. When I found myself applying for jobs at the age of 48, something strange happened. Despite my extensive qualifications and depth of experience, I wasn’t getting called back for a second or third interview — that is, if I was lucky enough to get a call in the first place. The jobs were going to candidates who were less qualified and much younger than me.

Ageism is not talked about, but it does exist, and I was an unfortunate victim of this bias.

As a TES Franchisee

My new favorite letter of the alphabet is “I.” Here’s why. I control my time.I decide when it is time to start and end my workday. I decide when I will spend time with my family. I decide when it’s time to relax. I no longer answer to anyone but myself. Being able to control my time and my destiny, I find it overwhelmingly awesome.

Paco Beltran, TES Alternative Career Coach Since 2019

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