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Coach Success Stories

Coach Success Story: Anna Brambilla

TES Coach Success Story Anna Brambilla

Career Challenges

I had a series of horrible bosses. I also was never good at playing office politics. I was never the golden child, but I thought if I kept my head down and did my job well, I would be rewarded. However, that was never the case. Promotions and raises would go to the people who played the game.

As a TES Franchisee

There is a saying in franchising, “You are in business for yourself, but you are never by yourself.” Even though I run my own business and decide how to spend my time, I enjoy an incredible amount of support from my fellow franchisees and of course, TES, my franchisor.

We are constantly sharing ideas and encouraging each other. There are no politics.

Anna Brambilla, TES Alternative Career Coach Since 2017

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