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7 Attributes for a Successful Entrepreneur’s Source Coach

There is no one-size-fits-all path to becoming a Career Ownership Coach, our Entrepreneur Source Coaches come from a diverse background. For many, TES is their Career 2.0. The strength of our coaching network is their width breadth of experience and diverse skillsets. What our coaches have in common is their passion to help their clients reach a point of clarity through education, awareness, and discovery. All while achieving their own dreams of self-sufficiency through business ownership.

While there is no set career path that leads to TES, we have found a certain set of attributes that make up a successful Entrepreneur Coach.


  1. Excellent Communication & Listening Skills


TES coaches help clients achieve success. However, success is individual and looks different for each person. To help clients achieve success means coaches must learn what is their client’s version of success.   This starts with understanding each client’s individual ‘Why’. Coaches need to understand what motivates their clients, what are their pains and passions. This takes a great deal of active listening and knowing what questions to ask. Highly developed communication and listening skills are essential to relationship building.



  1. Like People, and like to help people


TES is in the business of helping people. Liking people and liking to help them is vital to a coach’s success. Coaches empower clients by helping them explore business ownership in a no pressure environment. The end goal should be the client reaching a point of clarity rather than just “making the sale”. The value is in the process and clarity, rather than the end result.



  1. Organized, self-directed & action oriented


As a home-based business, Career Ownership Coaches have a lot of flexibility and autonomy. While coaches are not alone in business, they are in business for themselves. They are no longer working towards someone else’s success; they are working for their own. TES has the systems, processes and technology to help them organize their business, they have to take action. Being organized, self-directed and action oriented are all attributes that will help them achieve their business goals. Everything they need to grow a successful business is available to them, but it is up to them to execute.


  1. Good networker and presenter


Being able to build mutually beneficial relationships is an important part of being a TES Coach. This takes sincerity and collaboration. Beyond client acquisition, being a good networker allows them to make connections with people whom they can learn from. Being able to present their services and skillset to others is an important component of this.


  1. Coachable and willing to learn new skills


Keeping an open mind and looking for ways to grow and improve will take a coach far. It is easy to settle into routines and get comfortable, but by developing an attitude of continually learning, accepting feedback, and stretching themselves, coaches will see themselves reach new levels. However, this requires being able to ask for help and to step out of comfort zones.


  1. Positive, Cooperative Attitude and Mindset


One of the great resources of a franchise system is its network of franchisees. The TES Career Ownership Coaches Network is composed of a dynamic group of professionals. Tapping into the power of this network is incredibly beneficial. Business ownership comes with many ups and downs and having a positive, cooperative attitude and mindset makes this possible. It also helps to have a network of other owners who understand those ups and downs and can offer advice and encouragement.


  1. Willingness to follow a proven system


When coaches join TES, they join the nation’s leading Career Ownership Organization with four decades of experience. TES has a proven system with a team of experts who are dedicated to helping their coaches succeed. To be able to effectively leverage the resources that are available to our coaches, they must be willing to follow the system.  It is important to trust the processes.


In addition to high earning potential, being a Career Ownership Coach is a very rewarding career. Coaches help others achieve their dreams, while achieving their own. Coaches benefit from the proven TES system, comprehensive support and training, along with a dynamic network of coaches. Do you see yourself in the attributes above? Interested in achieving self-sufficiency for yourself while helping others do the same? Learn more here.




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