The Entrepreneur’s Source Franchise Success Story: Dana E. Mavros

Dana Mavros“There’s no such thing as a hill to a big stepper!” The person who came up with that adage may have had Dana E. Mavros in mind. The Chicago-based alternative career coach with The Entrepreneur’s Source®, North America’s leading career transition coaching franchise, is a “bundle of energy and enthusiasm”, according to her TES coach, Susan Mell, who guided Dana into owning her own business.

“Her positive attitude is just infectious, and that has already led to her early success as a TES coach. She’s helping other new career path seekers realize the same talents which helped them produce “top of the chart” results in their former corporate job, can be applied for their own personal business success! I’d like to have a half a dozen more like Dana!”

So, who is this dynamo, with the “can do” attitude, who walked away from a very lucrative corporate career-and why?

We caught up with Dana, recently, at her Chicago home- based TES office.

QYou’re from Chicago originally, so we’re assuming you are a Cubs fan?

DEM– You bet! I have always had Cub season tickets, right up until 2016! They were a company “perk” for years.

But I took the year off last year, to make my career transition, and of course, the Cubs go to the World Series! I was calling in every favor I knew to get tickets! I’m so happy they won, after 108 years of futility-and I could be a part of it!

QCongratulations! Tell us about your pre-career life. Did you always want to be an entrepreneur?

DEM– I knew at an early age I DID want to run, or own my own business, because I was exposed to many successful people who did.

Hard work was never an issue, either. I started bagging groceries at 14, and never stopped working from that point forward. I knew early on, success is never just handed to anyone. You really have to earn it.

QYou had a very unique early challenge in your first corporate job. Tell us about that.

DEM-I was working for a global electrical supply company in design and development. They asked me to design a training program to help a group in China build an electrical manufacturing plant for electrical components. They didn’t speak much English, and the only Chinese I knew was on the menu at a local take-out place I visited.

I focused on documenting the entire process, on video tape-all 167 steps-so the people in China could watch and replicate the manufacturing process for those components. It worked!

QFrom there your corporate career really took off, right?

DEM-Yes, I developed a real passion for residential and commercial lighting, and was able to move quickly up the corporate ladder, within different firms. I eventually accepted an offer to become president of the Chicago division of one of the largest independent electrical supply companies. The company had been struggling badly, and I was charged with bringing profitability and stability back, while rebuilding the company’s reputation, and boosting sagging employee morale. In 5 years, my hand-picked leadership team and I had accomplished these goals.

However, the whole experience took a tremendous personal toll on me, and my daughter, Donna, who was then 7.  I found my work/life balance was all “out of whack.”

QWhat was your next step?

DEM-I just “un-plugged”. In 2016, I completed my corporate exit plan strategy with the smooth transition to my successor, so I decided to take some time off-for the first time in 25 years. I went “cold turkey”, after working since I was 14.

Surprisingly, a new reality took over. I was able to take Donna, on her first “mom’s not working at all” vacation, plus be home to make her dinner, and help with homework. I had offers to come back to the corporate world, but this “new normal’ felt pretty good.

QHow did you find TES?

DEM– I met Susan Mell, a TES Career Coach, after she reached out to me. She asked if I had ever considered working for myself, which I had not. But once she started me in the proven, strategic TES process of unbiased franchise information, education, and discovery, I was hooked.

She presented me with a few different franchise models for which I would be a solid fit, but the one which stood out most was becoming an alternative career coach for TES like Susan.


DEM-I could be a positive change agent for other alternative career seekers, working with them step by step, as Susan did for me. I am helping my clients discover their true Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity goals (I,L,W,E).

But I can also set my own schedule, work from home, work as hard for myself as I did for my corporate bosses, and still have plenty of time to join my daughter for her activities like karate, show choir, and theater.

For 25 years, I had lived by someone else’s clock, having to miss Donna’s events, or turn down party invitations, or not being able to spend real time with family, friends, or volunteering.  Now, I have that, and I’m loving every minute!

If you’re ready to take that next step, like Dana,  to becoming empowered, and not just employed, while really defining your Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity(I,L,W,E) goals, The Entrepreneur’s Source® wants to talk with you. Just click on this link to get started.

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