At The Entrepreneur’s Source, training is not a one-time event, but a lifetime of professional education and performance enhancement. There’s not a waiting period. You can begin your education immediately as you will be assigned a Regional Developer who will provide personal, one-one-one coaching and support to guide you.

At The Entrepreneur’s Source, training is about education from the moment you join our team through the lifetime of your business. You benefit from one-on-one coaching and support from your Regional Developer , as well as mentoring with other experienced E-Source Coaches.

National Client Acquisition Program

If you are going to have a business with no store-front, The Entrepreneur’s Source® knows that you better have proven, effective strategies to find, connect and engage with today’s potential clients where they live, work, network and communicate. The Entrepreneur’s Source provides a wide-range of lead generation platforms to assist E-Source Coaches in successfully establishing and growing their coaching practice. Each platform is fully developed through our many years of experience, and provides step-by-step instructions to allow E-Source Coaches to maximize market penetration, enhance brand awareness and educate potential clients regarding our unique services.

In addition, the E-Source has one of the most effective and powerful client acquisition engines in franchising. During any given month, our lead distribution algorithm may be processing and distributing thousands of leads each month to our E-Source Coaches.

  • Fully automated digital marketing platform designed to connect with new clients throughout the country who are ready and willing to engage with you
  • At the E-Source, you can expect to start working with potential clients immediately while building your local client base.
  • The Entrepreneur’s Source® is the industry leader in creating innovative technology to connect and engage with potential clients where they live, work and communicate. Examples include:
    – Start a Business Weekend® (SABW) – virtual franchise shows
    – Our Virtual Coaching Experience® (the VCE)
    – FranchiseMatch®
    – Educational based marketing
  • The Entrepreneur’s Source® provides virtual coaching capabilities so you can work with clients throughout the world, not just in your own backyard like with many franchise concepts.