Here at The Entrepreneur’s Source we are passionate and committed to providing cutting edge technology and marketing resources that assist our coaches with seeker generation, seeker nurturing, & to help build up brand awareness – both locally and on a national level.  Collectively we see marketing as a vehicle for innovation, and we push the boundaries of what is possible on a daily basis.

As a Career Transition Coach with The Entrepreneur’s Source, you will benefit from some of the most powerful seeker generating and nurturing tools in franchising, which have been fully developed through our 34+ years in business. During any given month, our seeker distribution algorithm is distributing seekers to our Coaches which help them connect and engage with the 75% of the adult population that has a strong to very strong desire to become self-sufficient. Coaches may also use these same resources to proactively engage with individuals in their local market and circle of influence. Each platform provides step-by-step instructions to enhance brand awareness and educate potential clients regarding our unique experience. Some of our tools and resources include:

  • Start a Business Weekend® (SABW) – the largest virtual franchise and business expo in North America
  • FranchiseMatch® – an easy to use online tool which allows seekers to take a self-directed approach when exploring opportunities
  • A nurturing module that provides our coaches’ seekers and clients with automated, personalized marketing touchpoints
  • A social media tool which allows the TES marketing team to send fresh content out on our coaches’ behalf therefor positioning them as thought leaders in their space
  • Personalized Franchisee Websites
  • Digital marketing that allows coaches to receive immediate notifications of client engagement

Our approach provides the tools and resources needed for virtual coaching, so you can work with clients throughout the world, not just in your own backyard like with many other franchise concepts.