Loren Kutsko: Work Is a Brick in the Wall, Not the Wall

The Entrepreneur’s Source® Spotlights a TES Coach Living His Dream

Loren KutskoLoren Kutsko, a Phoenix-based franchise coach for The Entrepreneur’s Source®, the nation’s leading franchise coaching network, never liked being pegged as the “IT Guy.” It conjured up visions of being locked away in a windowless room, inhaling data for oxygen, or unlocking somebody’s desktop. He’s too much of a people person to be pigeon-holed that way. Plus, he wanted to serve his fellow man.

That’s how Loren found himself at a major global humanitarian relief and development agency in 2004. He translated his gift for IT to help set up and manage global strategies for the agency. It was technology being used in a practical way, helping people transform themselves, trying to end poverty and hunger in 14 of the world’s poorest countries.   Rewarding work for sure, but it came at a very personal price.

“I was flying to places like Bangkok, and Addis Ababa, and would be gone for weeks at a time. My son was less than a year old, and here I was making big decisions, on big projects when the most important thing I needed to be doing was being there for my wife and child.”

In 2007, Loren was the second person hired at an iPhone app development company in Phoenix. Talk about cutting edge! The job was exciting and fulfilling, and he rose through the ranks to become COO of the company. There was always something new and exciting going on at the office, plus he was regularly jetting up to hang with the big thinkers and big money of Silicon Valley.

Loren’s life was cool, but not his own, and his family was growing. He felt the same guilt as he did years before, not being there for his wife and kids. That’s when he started taking a closer look at the “Big Picture”- and he didn’t like what he saw.

I was living life backwards in the corporate world,” said Loren. “I thought if I can hustle for 20 years and stuff money into my 401K, I could retire early and then I could enjoy my family. I was missing the whole point: I needed to enjoy my family now, while they were young. I needed to be as involved in their lives as much as I could be. I suddenly realized what got me here, would not get me there.”

But Loren also wanted to have a positive impact on the people around him, as well as his community. By taking back control of his life, he felt he could accomplish that goal, too. That’s when he seriously began to think about owning his own business, becoming an entrepreneur.

He had meetings with Tom Holloran, an Arizona-based Regional Developer for The Entrepreneur’s Source, looking for the perfect franchise business. After sorting through his options, Tom made a suggestion to Loren: become a TES Franchise Coach and join the nation’s leading franchise coaching network!

“When Tom put that option on the table, I was like, wait: I can own my own business, set my own schedule, have more control over my I.L.W.E.(Income, Life, Wealth and Equity), while helping people like me find a better work/life balance? I’m in!”

That was two years ago, and Loren is happier with his life today than ever before. He’s having a direct, positive impact on the lives of people, while enjoying more time with his family.  In fact, in a few weeks, they’ll all be taking a two- week RV trip to Ohio to see family they haven’t seen in years.

Are you like Loren?  If you are ready to embrace becoming self-sufficient, while controlling your own time and efforts, there’s an opportunity for you to become an Entrepreneur’s Source Coach just like Loren and hundreds of other coaches around the country.   Take the time to speak with a The Entrepreneur’s Source® Regional Developer who can provide you with more information about finding an alternative career for you while helping others do the same.

Please visit www.coachingisbooming.com to schedule a meeting with a The Entrepreneur’s Source® Regional Developer.

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