June 2017 TES Coaching Profile – Jennifer Sala: “Helping People is My Mission.”

Jennifer SalaTalk with Jennifer Sala for just a few minutes about her position as a career coach with The Entrepreneur’s Source®, the nation’s leading franchise coaching network, and you’ll immediately be inspired by her enthusiasm and feel her positive vibe. It practically bubbles out of her.

“I have always been a ‘people person,’ and one who just really gets a charge out of helping others. The satisfaction and positive feedback I receive from my clients as a TES coach, helping them connect to opportunities and futures through The Entrepreneur’s Source® discovery process they never thought they could have, is such a blessing!”

That could very well be Jennifer’s story, too. The 49-year old married mother of two boys spent a good chunk of her life trying to make that connection herself. Her degree, and work as a dental hygienist was rewarding enough, but once Luke and Sam came along, she gave up the job to make sure she could spend time home-schooling them during their early years.

“I enjoyed my time with the boys so much, and I’m grateful my husband, Steve, agreed with me that it was important for them to have that time with me.”

Once the boys moved into private school, Jennifer got her personal trainer accreditations, and started a private fitness business, training clients in their homes. It was a great job, but just wasn’t sustainable.

Frustrated, Jennifer thought she might have to go back to being a hygienist again, and would somehow have to juggle hours to meet her home responsibilities. That’s when she got the call which changed her life.

“I was investigating franchising when a coach from The Entrepreneur’s Source® called me,” Jennifer recalled. “She explained how TES helped evaluate, educate, research, and provide options for people looking at owning their own business. While exploring some of those opportunities with her, I became increasingly aware that being a TES coach could be a great way to help people, while helping myself become self-sustaining! So, I just blurted out one day: ‘Hey! Can I do what you do?,’ and got started on my new path!”

Today, Jennifer has a growing client list, and a thriving business where she works for herself, setting her own hours, with plenty of time for family activities.

“We’re an athletic, outdoor-activity family, so this is a wonderful fit for me,” says Jennifer. “Plus, there’s a real sense of fulfillment as a TES coach, when I can tell people they don’t have to wait for the eventual expiration date in their current job. I enjoy getting to know them, digging deep to evaluate their needs and goals, and then offering them real options for empowerment, and not just employment. When one of my clients looks at me and says, ‘I can see myself doing this’, boy, do I know THAT feeling.”

If you have a desire to help others attain their dreams, while building your own income, lifestyle, wealth, and equity, as a career coach with The Entrepreneur’s Source®, this just might be the step you need to take. Get started now by visiting www.coachingisbooming.com for more information.

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