It’s National Golf Month – Go for the Green as a Franchise Coach with The Entrepreneur’s Source

Golf MonthA lot of career coaches who enjoy life as franchisees with The Entrepreneur’s Source, the nation’s leading franchise coaching network, like few things better than “teeing it up” and enjoying a round of golf. Come to think of it, the “rounds” at the 19th hole are pretty enjoyable, too. That’s why we love celebrating “National Golf Month” in August. Even though the game can drive us all crazy at times, it’s tough to stay away from the fun, camaraderie, and pure joy of playing.

Many historians credit the Scots with creating the modern game in the early 15th Century. However, some claim the Romans did it first with a game called “Paganica,” played with crooked sticks and a stuffed leather ball, while conquering Europe.  But the Chinese may make the strongest case for being the father of the game. They point to historical scrolls and artifacts from the 14th century depicting players, trying to hit a ball into a hole. They called their game “Chuiwan” – literally meaning “hit ball.”

Regardless of its origin, countless American businessmen and women love the game, despite the amount of “four-letter swings” they make take.

Just being able to get away, making time for yourself, is a great way to enhance your overall mood and thought process. Time on the course can help just about anyone unwind from job stress, too.

So, if you’re a golfer, when was the last time you left the office early to go play a round with your buddies? Or maybe take your lunch hour to hit a bucket of balls? Even if you don’t even PLAY the game, when were you able just to take a “mental health day,” losing yourself in a favorite pastime, or hobby for a few hours, instead of working?

Yeah, we hear you at The Entrepreneur’s Source.  There’s no time for “me time” for those stuck in the corporate grind because you’re doing your job and likely the jobs of three other people who were laid off as the company goes “lean.”  That means your path for growth within the company is probably blocked, too…and you could be the next to be down-sized despite how hard you work.  Plus, if corporate has you doing the work of three because they won’t hire replacements, they’re not likely to promote you. Taking time off, except for vacation/sick days? Forget it. They might decide to replace YOU!

You are living the textbook examples from The Entrepreneur’s Source best-selling book “Your Career 2.0” – A Survival Guide for the Battered Career and Investor Syndrome.”   Battered Career Syndrome, a central theme espoused in the book, is an all-too-contagious malady that describes people who have bought into the belief that their corporate life will never change.   They’re fearful of the future and believe there’s no other way out…and certainly no time to squeeze in 9 holes.

But there is a way out. Let us ask you this.   If you could work for yourself and…

  • Free yourself from worrying about corporate lay-offs, or aging out of your current position
  • Have greater life flexibility
  • Embrace taking on a new challenge
  • Have more control over your Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity

Would these opportunities be something you want?

As a The Entrepreneur’s Source Coach, you could have them all, and more!   The Entrepreneur’s Source has the proven strategies to help you become your own boss, be self-sufficient, and free yourself from paralyzing corporate uncertainty while helping others do the same.

The Entrepreneur’s Source places a premium on executives like you who come from different backgrounds including (but not limited to),

  • consulting
  • healthcare
  • marketing/advertising
  • IT/software
  • sales

As a franchise coach, you will be responsible for guiding others to finding their way out of the corporate “stress ball”, just like you did, helping them to find an alternative career path by exposing them to hundreds of franchise opportunities to maximize their skill sets and earning power. Now, what’s in it for you?  Only the opportunity for a better income, more time with the family, creating your own schedule, and playing golf when YOU want to!

If you are truly COMMITTED to changing your life, it’s never too late to do so. But you must take the first step.   We invite you to head to our homepage at to find out more about what your life could be like as a franchise coach with The Entrepreneur’s Source.

Oh – and we’re looking for one more to play golf next Wednesday at 10AM.   See you there?

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