August 2017 TES Coaching Profile – Susan Scotts: “A Leap of Faith Led Me to the Life I Always Wanted”

Susan ScottsSusan Scotts is enjoying her life in South Florida. For a gal who grew up in the heart of Pittsburgh steel country, the abundant sunshine and countless outdoor activities she enjoys are truly a breath of fresh air. On a warm August morning this year, she was finalizing plans to attend an afternoon Eclipse Party while scheduling practice with her highly ranked competitive tennis team.

“There is always something going on here,” said Susan, “and I enjoy having the time to embrace as much of it as I can. I don’t work nights or weekends, so there’s plenty of time for the things I want to do for me.”

As a Florida based franchise coach for The Entrepreneur’s Source®, the nation’s leading franchise coaching network, Susan has time for herself…but she hasn’t always had that kind of control over her working hours. Her entrance into the business world was as an executive assistant, but too many late nights of work made her really question her life’s direction. She was in demand as a spokesmodel for trade shows in the Pittsburgh area, when fate intervened.

“I was doing work for a dry-cleaning franchise group during a trade show, when the owner of a health foods franchise approached me about coming to work for her company,” said Susan.  “She told me she liked the way I interacted with people, and believed I could have a great future in franchise development and training for her company. I was pretty much hired on the spot. I knew I would be successful after completing a transaction with a group in Boston to sell the company’s line of frozen healthy treats…especially since we closed on one of the coldest days of the year, two weeks before Christmas!”

But Susan’s success came with a price. Her job was still more than 9-5 and offered little time off.  It possessed a structured salary ladder and very little opportunity for vertical advancement. After several years with the group, she was getting frustrated with her position and began to hear she was missing out on the chance to truly be her own boss. She was preaching self-sufficiency to others, but wasn’t doing it herself. Clearly, a change was needed, but what?

She was well aware of The Entrepreneur’s Source® (TES) because TES coaches often called her with referrals.  Her former employer was a franchisor partner with The Entrepreneur’s Source®, so they frequently introduced her to business owners who possessed the skills necessary to thrive as a franchise owner. She was impressed by the TES process and wanted to learn more.

“I always wanted to be in those meetings with their likely coaching candidates to find out the difference between the TES coaching experience and those offered by other franchise broker companies,” said Susan.  “It seemed like all the coaches I dealt with at TES were smart and successful. They seemed to have much more control, schedule flexibility, and greater potential to maximize their wealth than I could ever hope to accomplish. Finally, after sitting on the fence for nearly too long, I finally made the decision to go from Employment to Empowerment®, and jumped in to business ownership myself as a The Entrepreneur’s Source® franchise coach!”

But the road to Susan’s success wasn’t always smooth – beginning with her earliest TES training sessions.

“There was only one other woman in my training class, so when it came to role playing, I was usually picked last,” said Susan.  “It appeared some of the male trainees didn’t think I would be successful. But I knew Terry Powell, the founder and CEO of The Entrepreneur’s Source, was a huge believer in visualizing success. Literally, ‘See it. Believe it. Achieve it.’ I bought into that, and added this: the best way out of doubt and indecision, is to take action. I focused on working hard toward my goal of becoming self-sufficient, and believing in myself. It worked, and it’s become part of my ‘success sharing’ with my clients.”

Susan takes great pride in helping people discover they can create the same success for themselves that they helped accomplish for their former companies and corporate executives. One example she shared was a former top ranked, successful financial executive with two masters’ degrees. He had asked Susan just to see “what was out there,” never dreaming he would be a victim of corporate down-sizing.

“I don’t mind telling you, it was a little intimidating at first to work with him because he was so accomplished,” remembers Susan. “But I helped him believe that the same personal qualities that drove his corporate success would be the same ones fueling his greater personal success in franchise ownership. It’s been so rewarding working with him to match his skill sets and personality with the right franchise opportunity. Now, he’s working on achieving his personal Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity goals which he never would have been able to do in his old corporate position. I’m so excited for him, I have nominated him for TES ‘Client of the Year’ award!”

If you’re like Susan and you have a desire to help others attain their dreams, while building your own income, lifestyle, wealth, and equity, as an alternative career coach with The Entrepreneur’s Source®, this just might be the step you need to take.

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